10,000 NVIDIA H100 GPUs Power Tesla’s $300 Million Supercomputer

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Tesla has strategies to quickly speed up advancements on FSD (Full Self-Driving), due to which the tech giant has revealed a $300 million AI supercomputer including 10,000 NVIDIA H100s.

Tesla Plans On Capitalizing Immense Computing Power to Take Fully Autonomous Driving to The Next Level, Makes Use of NVIDIA H100 GPUs

Tesla has actually lowered the throttle concerning its prepare for FSD, and the brand-new AI supercomputer will undoubtedly help in establishing the function. Tesla has actually apparently updated from NVIDIA’s A100s, generating about 5 times more calculating efficiency, rising to 340 FP64 PFLOPS, which is substantially high compared to other supercomputers in the market.

Associated Story Glass House Saga: Did the Secretive Project 42 Precipitate Disagreements Between Tesla’s Former CFO, Zachary Kirkhorn, and Elon Musk?Elon Musk has actually set his sights on FSD, revealing it as the future of Tesla. The business has actually dedicated its resources to the development of the function, which is still in its preliminary phases. With the start of its $1 billion Dojo supercomputer by 2024, Tesla will have enormous computing power onboard, providing it an edge over other car manufacturers, particularly concerning functions that will harness the power of AI. Tesla prepares to invest well over$4 billion towards the development of FSD and AI designs, which exposes that the future is undoubtedly interesting for the market. The considerable obstacle behind such substantial aspirations is the trouble in getting NVIDIA’s AI GPUs, due to the enormous need followed by supply-chain traffic jams. Elon has actually revealed that AI GPUs are more difficult to purchase than”drugs,” eventually representing the market’s scenario. The future is intense for the automobile market, particularly through the help of AI, when it concerns incorporating it into our every day lives. Tesla’s aspirations with FSD will show advanced for the market, considered that it is established and checked to excellence.

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