3 Electric Fireplaces That Look Like The Real Deal

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white walker edision electric fireplace

If you've just purchased a new home that didn't come with a built-in fireplace, you can easily get around that by going for an electric option. A lot of people go for electric fireplaces thanks to the relative ease they come with. There's no need to make sure you have firewood on hand to get started — you just flip a switch and have a fire. While an electric fireplace doesn't replace the full experience of a real one, it's close enough for many people. They also give off heat even though you aren't burning any wood, so that's a nice bonus. An electric fireplace isn't going to fully heat your house by any means, and leaving one running for 24 hours a day could raise your electric bill significantly. For that reason, you'll want to look elsewhere for home heating options.

Of course, not all electric fireplaces are created equal. You can go for cheaper, budget options or you can splurge for something more fancy. It'll come down to how much you're willing to spend, as is the case with most purchases of this variety. These fireplaces are all popular options among consumers based on user reviews, so they should be perfect fits for your living room.

Real Flame Silverton 48 in. Electric Fireplace

white electric fireplace

If you're looking for something that will almost replace the entire look and feel of a traditional fireplace, then the Real Flame Silverton electric fireplace will be right up your alley. While it'll cost you $831 from Home Depot, this fireplace is designed to look just like a built-in fireplace. This means it'll come complete with a mantle to set objects down on top of. Don't expect it to hold a ton of weight since it's not actually built into your wall, but it'll look the part. This hasn't proven to be a problem among buyers as 88% of customers give the fireplace a recommendation.

The fireplace will start off at 72 degrees, but you'll be able to heat it all the way up to 99 through six different heat settings. With this being a fake fire, you even have control over the color of the flame. You can stick with the typical orange flame, or you could decide to spice things up with a blue-white color. The fireplace comes with a 79-inch power cable, so you will have a lot of say in where the fireplace goes since it'll surely be able to reach an outlet no matter where you place it. Real Flame's fireplace comes with a one-year warranty in case anything goes wrong with the purchase. Home Depot gives you a look at the fireplace in action, so you can check that out if you're still on the fence.

Walker Edison Fireplace Entertainment Center

walker edison entertainment center fireplace

If you want to make your fireplace more of a centerpiece in your room, you can use it as an entertainment stand. We're not talking about mounting a TV above your fireplace, something you shouldn't do in the first place. Walker Edison has an entertainment center with an electric fireplace built right into it. It might sound unconventional, but the end result is a pleasing sight. Home Depot has a video of the final product if you're still hesitant, and it should be enough to convince you.

The stand can hold TVs up to 60 inches, and the fireplace is capable of heating up 400 square feet of space. However, there's just a single heat setting here, so the heating options are more limited when compared to other options. Picking up the Walker Edison fireplace will run you $409 from the Home Depot website. If you're looking for a new entertainment center with a fireplace built in, it'll be tough to find a choice better than this. Owners mention a lengthy build time, so that's something to keep in mind if you're putting it together alone. You will need to keep it close to a wall outlet for not only the fireplace but the TV you'll also be using with it. This does take away a bit of the versatility a standalone electric fireplace would have, but that makes sense considering you're getting a combo here. In the end, 90% of buyers recommend the fireplace.

R.W. Flame Electric Fireplace

electric fireplace on wall in front of couch

If you're looking for something with a sleeker look than a traditional fireplace, the R.W. Flame electric fireplace could be the choice for you. This fireplace takes on more of a stretched look than you're typically boxed fireplaces would. In doing so, it'll take up more horizontally, but it won't be as tall. The R.W. Flame fireplace still has to have a specific opening in the wall or a mounting bracket, so it's not going to be a plug-and-play option like other fireplaces might be. Despite that, the product has a 4.6/5 rating on Amazon with over 7,500 reviews. There's a slideshow of the fireplace set up in a variety of different situations in case you need some inspiration on how it'll fit into your room. No matter what route you take, you're sure to have a conversation piece.

This fireplace has a touch screen that'll allow you to adjust the settings like heat level and flame color. There's an LED light for the temperature that'll let you easily see how warm the fireplace is with a quick glance. You'll get an included remote control that'll allow you to change all the settings from the comfort of your couch. You can snag the 50-inch version of this fireplace for $299.99 from Amazon. You can save a lot of cash by dropping down the size to 30 inches as that will only cost you $164.99. Alternatively, you can spend $489.99 and get a 68-inch version.

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