3 Essential iPhone Accessories For Your Next Camping Trip

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In the midst of the cooler months, one of the most fulfilling activities you can do — especially if you are a nature lover — is spending a night or two camping in the wilderness. Depending on your level of expertise and what other camping-adjacent excursions you plan on doing, you may want to schedule a day to prep all the gear and equipment you'd want and need access to while you're off the grid somewhere. Make sure that you have climate-appropriate clothing, shelter and sleeping arrangements, enough food and drink rations, and whatever other hiking or camping tools you may need, including a first-aid emergency kit. On top of that, you'll want to check that all the electronics you're bringing are fully charged up and are preloaded with content that you can access with limited to no connectivity.

While on the subject of electronics, it's important that your packing list includes your smartphone because it'll be your primary method of contact in case of an emergency. If you have an iPhone, make sure you try out several built-in iOS apps and features that could be useful for camping. It may also be worthwhile to purchase a couple of accessories to increase the security and overall usefulness of your mobile device while you're out in the wild. Below are some suggestions for additional iPhone equipment you ought to get and test before embarking on your adventure.

Protective gear

Casetify iphone case corner bumper

Your iPhone ought to have a sturdy covering protecting it from scratches and drops. If you want something more stylish than a minimalist Otterbox iPhone case — a tried-and-true protective case brand that offers military-grade drop protection — consider one of Casetify's Ultra Impact iPhone cases on Amazon or directly through the Casetify website for more design options. Cost will depend on which iPhone version you own and other features you require, but opt for at least the Ultra Impact case type so you get an enhanced corner bumper on top of a built-in drop protection of up to 11.5 feet. These cases are normally priced at $92 for the ultra impact variety, but several are currently on sale on both Amazon and the official website.

If any of your side camping quests involve taking your phone into a body of water, you may want to get a waterproof pouch for it. The Hiearcool Waterproof Phone Case is only $9.99 for a 2-pack on Amazon and comes with clear instructions on how to test it at home. Note though that using an iPhone while in water will be a challenge for wet fingers. For instance, photos may need to be taken using the side buttons and the iPhone's Raise to Wake function may need to be enabled, because Face ID will not work underwater.

Finally, consider adding a pack of screen protectors like Tech Armor to keep your iPhone's display screen scratch-free. You may also want to pick up an iPhone case strap like the Outxe Phone Lanyard. For $9.99, you get a pack of two straps that you can attach to any iPhone case that has a full coverage bottom so your device is more accessible while you hike.

Battery gear

powerbank sticking out of backpack

As long as you intend on bringing electronic gadgets on your camping trip, you'll need to ensure that you have a way to keep them juiced up and functioning while you're out there. Having extra power banks or wireless chargers you can use outdoors is highly recommended not only for your iPhone but for all of your devices. Amazon has several options that fit a range of requirements and budgets, but for the purpose of ensuring that your iPhone has enough battery at all times, consider a portable powerbank that can fit in your jacket pocket alongside your mobile device.

Another thing you absolutely must have is an extra charging cord for your iPhone. While having the one that came with the device out of the box is fine, you may want to explore third-party brands that offer better options in terms of length. For instance, this pack of iPhone lightning cables by Plnhixt is great because for only $11.99 (on sale right now for $8.97), you get several cords encased in a durable, braided nylon material ranging between 3-10 feet long. You can bring the longest one with you to your campsite and maybe leave another one in your vehicle for safety. If you prefer a single cord to charge multiple devices, Minlu has a multi-charging cable for $14.99 (also currently on sale for $12.99) that has a lightning connector for your iPhone as well as ones for USB-C and Micro USB devices.

Camera gear

camper setting up tripod

Finally, since you're probably going to be using your iPhone to take photos and videos during your camping trip, it's essential that you have accessories that will make doing so a whole lot easier. Number one on your iPhone camera gear musth-aves ought to be a tripod, preferably one that doubles as a selfie stick. The Sensyne 62-inch Phone Tripod, currently priced at $19.98 on Amazon, is a great brand to consider. It's incredibly easy to adjust and has several height level options that you can use to lock your iPhone into place. What's even better is that it comes with a camera shutter remote — another must-have for any mobile phone photography enthusiast, in our opinion — that easily pairs with your iPhone, so you won't have to buy one separately. You can also use the tripod on other smartphones as well as cameras, including GoPros.

If you prefer to take photos and videos hands-free while you hike in the woods, consider a phone harness that lets you strap your iPhone onto your body and take footage while you hold on to rocks and tree branches, among other things. Dream Bull has a phone strap combo for $21.99 on Amazon that includes a head strap as well as a chest harness, giving you multiple options in terms of shooting angles.

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