5 Of The Best Tool Storage Options At Harbor Freight Under $1,000.

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Having a reliable place to store your tools is very important. Nobody wants their workspace filled with clutter. Instead of having tools all over your garage, you can put them in a storage container. There are plenty of options available, and you're sure to find something that fits your price range. You can blow well past the $1,000 price point by going for the Snap-On brand if you'd like to, but there are many options available for far cheaper. Harbor Freight is a store well-known for its affordability, and there are many choices you can go for that won't come close to breaking the bank.

It'll all come down to what your budget is and how many tools you have. You'll also have to decide whether you want a mobile container with wheels or a stationary option, as there are plenty to choose from. The point is there is something for everybody out there, and that's to be expected given the wide selection of brands Harbor Freight has to offer. 

Yukon Mobile Workbench with Solid Wood Top

red yukon workbench with cabinets and drawer

The Yukon workbench costs $299.99, well under $1,000. You're getting a 46-inch solid wood worktop and a few storage options for the price. You get the slideout drawer and two cabinets to store tools in. Yukon says this bench can hold 1,200 lbs. of storage, so there are no real concerns about it failing under the pressure unless you jam-pack it with stuff. The drawer can hold up to 200 lbs. To top it all off, this fully mobile workbench comes equipped with a set of wheels that let you roll it around to where you need it to be. It won't be the option that stores the most tools, but it might be the most versatile on the list.

Reviews are solid for this workbench, as it's closing in on a nearly perfect five-star rating with nearly 2,000 reviews. For the combination of price and quality, Yukon's workbench is tough to beat.

Yukon Garage Cabinet

person in front of yukon garage cabinet

If you're looking for something strictly for storage, check out the Yukon garage cabinet. As the name suggests, this will go up against the wall in your garage and create a lot of additional space for your tools. This six-foot-tall cabinet has plenty of room for shelves inside, each with a 90 lb. capacity. The cabinet can hold up to 450 lbs., so it's more than capable of holding your collection. It will free up a lot of space if you're currently unorganized with your tools.

The downside to this is it's only for storage. That's not a big deal as that's what you're buying it for, but some of the other offerings on the list can double as a workspace and storage option. Fortunately, you are getting a lot of storage here. The Yukon garage cabinet costs $449.99, and buyers seem happy with their purchase, as 97% of customers recommend it.

U.S. General Double Bank Top Chest

red us general tool chest

Instead of a cabinet, you can opt for a tool chest from U.S. General. This brand is well-known in the tool chest field, and you know you're getting something reliable when you see the name. The 44-inch chest is as durable as it comes, and you can choose from a wide selection of colors if you're looking for something that'll fit your space. 

There's not much to dislike about this tool chest, as it will do exactly what you expect it to do. It will cost you $249.99, but that's not all that bad, considering you're getting a nice, sturdy chest to store your tools in. What makes this chest valuable is that you can pair it with U.S. General's double bank roller cabinet. This chest is designed to sit on top of the other cabinet, but it's really up to you what you do with it. Setting it on the floor is fine if you don't have the accompanying cabinet.

U.S. General 4-Drawer Tech Cart

red u.s. general tool storage cart

For a mobile option with a small workspace, you can go for the 4-Drawer Tech Cart from U.S. General. This one costs $219.99 and offers quite a bit of versatility. The ability to have a cart on wheels lets you bring your collection closer to your workstation, which greatly reduces having to walk back and forth. The little side table will also let you get some small projects done or hold lighter items. Like other U.S. General products, you have your choice of color here, with red being the default, but you can go for green, yellow, or blue if you'd like.

You get four drawers included with this cart, which allows for easy organization. It comes with a full steel build as well, so there's little need to worry about durability being an issue. The U.S. General cart has nearly 2,700 reviews on the Harbor Freight website, with 98% of customers recommending it. 

U.S. General Hanging Tool Cabinet

us general hanging tool cabinet

If you want to take advantage of vertical space in your work area, a hanging tool cabinet isn't a bad choice. U.S. General offers one for $99.99 from Harbor Freight, and while you're not going to be fitting tons of heavy power tools in here, you can store quite a bit. It's probably best as a supplement storage space if you already have a chest or for somebody who has a smaller collection that's still growing. This could slot in right above a workbench for better storage options, so it's definitely something to keep in mind.

Three separate compartments are included here, each with their own keys. Each compartment has two shelves, so there's plenty of room for organizing. At the end of the day, you're getting an affordable tool cabinet that will greatly help you save on space by hanging on the wall. With 95% of Harbor Freight customers recommending the product, you're getting a solid deal here.

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