6 Of The Top Rated Racing Wheels For Your Nintendo Switch

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There are a lot of really cool custom controllers for the Nintendo Switch, but few illicit the pure joy that comes with using a racing wheel. The feeling of pressing your foot on the gas when the checkered flag flies and then spinning the wheel as you glide through the turns is unparalleled. No thumbstick can ever compare.

The Nintendo Switch has plenty of great racing games to choose from, too. "Mario Kart" and its various booster course tracks are definitely the main attraction for most Switch players, but "Crash Team Racing," "Hot Wheels Unleashed," "Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit," and dozens of other racing games that are available on the console could all benefit from a good racing wheel. Some of these specialty controllers might be a little pricey, but many racing fans consider them a worthwhile investment. The trouble is choosing the right one.

There aren't as many options for the Nintendo Switch as there are for other consoles like PC and Xbox, but there are still quite a few to choose from. There's also a big difference between the thin plastic shells you might find at the dollar store and a high-end simulation rig. I've reviewed dozens of gaming products and found that one of the most reliable methods for finding the best gaming controllers is to cross-reference professional reviews with metareviews from websites like Amazon. There are plenty of great racing wheels out there, but here are six of the highest-rated.

6. Superdrive SV 200

Superdrive SV 200

Subsonic makes a lot of different gaming furniture and accessories, but the peripherals the company is most well-known for are its racing wheels. It makes all kinds of racing gear, including full simulation cockpits that include a racing chair and stands for any of the company's wheel and peddle sets. These third-party controllers are primarily manufactured with PC gaming in mind, but many are compatible with the Nintendo Switch and the last two generations of both PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Subsonic makes five different racing wheels that are compatible with the Nintendo Switch. The most highly rated of these is the cheapest, the Superdrive SV 200. This is an 8.66-inch, three-arm wired flywheel that gets up to 180 degrees of rotation and a built-in dual-vibration motor. It also comes with a pair of pedals that connect directly to the steering wheel.

Yet it still only has a modest four out of five rating on Amazon from over 5,000 reviews. The most common complaint among those who reviewed it was that the racing wheel itself is too small and that the pedals are too close together. Some have also claimed that the suction cups meant to attach the wheel to a desk or table don't have the best grip. Most positive reviews report that it's easy to set up and use and is pretty good value for the price.

5. PXN V3II Racing Wheel

V3II Racing Wheel

Next up is the V3II Racing Wheel from PXN. This is another company that makes a variety of gaming peripherals for racing games. It makes wheels, pedals, and stick shifts. Some of them are sold individually, while others are sold as sets.

The V3II is PXN's most popular model, and it is one of these sets. It is a 10.24-inch steering wheel that has built-in vibration and a 180-degree range of rotation and is the only item on this list to have an attached gear stick. The steering wheel has suction cups on the underside and a C-type clamp for added stability. This comes with a wired two-pedal unit as well. It's compatible with PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. Unfortunately, for Switch users, the button layout is primarily labeled with PlayStation controls, and the secondary labels are for Xbox. This doesn't mean the buttons won't work, but the layout might be a little confusing.

This steering wheel has a 4.2 out of five rating on Amazon from about 1,600 users, with most users reporting that it is a good value and easy to use but that it needs the C-type clamp to be stable as the suction cups aren't enough on their own. NerdyTechy gave the controller an 8.4 out of 10 in their review, stating that it has a durable and versatile design with good sensitivity but lamenting that it doesn't have a clutch pedal and that the range of movement is insufficient for trucking sims.

4. Orzly Steering Wheels

Orzly Steering Wheels

Not everyone is looking to spend a bunch of money on a whole new controller, though. Some might prefer to save a bit of money and make a racing wheel out of the controller they already have. It won't be nearly as immersive or precise as a fully powered racing wheel, but you can turn the Joy-Cons that came with your Switch into a motion-controlled racing wheel simply by purchasing a shell.

The highest-rated third-party Joy-Con wheel set on Amazon is the Orzly Steering Wheels. These are sold as sets of two or four and come in black, red, and blue. They are 5.91 inches in diameter and have a built-in status light indicator to show which player the controller is synced to. They're designed to easily hold all official Nintendo Joy-Con controllers and have a cut-out in the back for easy release. There are also two large bumper triggers on the back as well.

The controllers have a 4.5 out of five rating on Amazon from 3,970 users. Most of the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, praising the controllers for their performance, build quality, and comfort, though a few reviews complain that they are on the small side and the bumpers on the back don't always line up correctly with the Joy-Con's buttons.

3. Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Wheel Accessory

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Wheel Accessory

Third-party wheels can be really nice, but a lot of people might prefer to stick with Nintendo's official hardware. Unfortunately, Nintendo doesn't make a full-powered racing wheel for the Switch. The company does, however, make a Joy-Con shell that can take advantage of the controllers' built-in motion sensors.

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Wheel Accessory is a 5.91-inch black plastic wheel that comes in packs of two and has the added benefit of being designed by the very people who designed the Joy-Con itself. Like other Joy-Con shells, you simply pop the motion controller into the wheel and turn it to steer the car in your games. Unlike the one from Orzly, there is not a light indicator to signify the player number, but there is a small cut-out at the bottom for easily removing the Joy-Con.

This steering wheel has two bumper triggers on the back, which sync up to the Joy-Con's side controls. It also has pictures printed inside the controller showing you how to properly insert the Joy-Cons. This makes it easy for people of all ages to know how to insert their controllers in the proper orientation.

These accessories have a 4.6 out of five rating on Amazon from more than 14,880 users, where reviewers have praised the quality of the materials and the performance. Many have noted that these controllers are particularly nice for kids but are somewhat small for adults.

2. Hori Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro Mini

Hori Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro Mini

If you're looking for the best racing wheel for kids, you probably want the Hori Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro Mini. Hori is one of the only manufacturers that makes controllers that are officially licensed by Nintendo. This smaller version of Hori's Pro model racing wheel was designed specifically for small children.

The racing wheel has a large button with the Mario 'M' at its center and comes in the plumber's signature blue and red color scheme. It also has "Mario Kart" printed on the front. The wheel itself has all the buttons you would find on a regular Switch controller on its face. All of them are large and easy to press, even in the midst of a heated race, but the most unique is a large 'Item Button' in the center of the steering wheel that can be used to hurl those banana peels. The steering wheel also comes with a set of pedals and has assignable paddles on the back for more functionality. The wheel has a 180-degree range of rotation.

The Hori Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro Mini has a 4.6 out of five rating on Amazon from over 6,000 people. Users found that it performed exceptionally well in games, stating that it's fun, easy to use, and a great value for the price. The only complaint is that suction cups once again seem insufficient to hold the wheel in place on most surfaces.

1. Hori Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro Deluxe

Hori Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro Deluxe

Probably the most popular racing wheel on the market is the Hori Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro Deluxe. This is the larger version of the Mini. It has similar Mario-themed branding, although the larger controller comes in red and black instead of red and blue.

The Deluxe also comes with a similar feature set. It has all the buttons you might find on a Switch controller, including the Home and Capture buttons, although the placement is a little different than on the Mini. The ZL and ZR buttons, for instance, are placed directly on the grips of the steering wheel. It comes with a pair of pedals and two paddles on the backside of the wheel as well. This wheel is also the only one on this list featuring 270 degrees of rotation, though it also has a QuickMode for those who prefer the tighter 180-degree range.

Its ratings are very similar to the Mini as well. It has a 4.6 out of five rating on Amazon from over 6,000 users, with most reviewers praising its build quality, performance in-game, ease of use, and value. Meanwhile, most criticism was reserved for its lack of stability, as the suction cups failed to hold the wheel steady.

Nintendo Life reviewed both the Mini and the Deluxe from Hori, stating, "The Pro Deluxe definitely delivers the more definitive experience, with its sturdier build quality and additional features, but that's not to say the Mini doesn't have its own place in the race. Depending on your age or playstyle, these are both great ways to experience some of your [favorite] racers in a new way on Switch."

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