6,000 cases of Domino sugar remembered in 22 states, so examine your kitchen now

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It's time to inspect your sugar supply to see if you have any Domino sugar in your kitchen, as there's a new recall that was just revealed. Specific Domino and C&H Sugar Tubs might have been infected with pieces of product. Specifically, the item might include metal wire, which can undoubtedly trigger some major injuries if taken in.

Domino sugar recall

The brand-new Domino sugar recall issues 6040 cases, according to an US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) enforcement report.

The report is scarce on details but does point out that the item might contain metal wire from a damaged screen. It's unclear what may have happened during production to trigger the contamination.

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( )blogherads. defineSlot(' medrec ',' gpt-dsk-ros-mid-article-uid0' )setTargeting(' pos', [" mid-article"," mid-article1"]. setSubAdUnitPath (" ros );. Clients who bought Domino sugar ought to look for specific identifiers on the packaging. The products with the following lot numbers, item numbers, and best-by dates are included in the recall:

  • Lot Numbers: 52362, 52363, 52364, 52365, 52371, 52372, 52373, 52374, 52375, 52411, 52412, 52413, 52414, 52415
  • Item Numbers: 533031, 433478
  • Best By: 09/06/25 through 09/09/25, 09/12/25 through 09/16/25, 10/10/25 through 10/14/25

Domino sold the sugar from this recall in the following 22 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin.

This must make it simpler to identify whether you might have acquired sugar from the recalled lots. The report does not consist of any images of the remembered products.

Domino has actually had similar recall actions in the past, involving prospective contamination with extraneous items. The previous one dates back to June 18th, 2022. In that case, the syrup used to make Light Brown Sugar might have been exposed to extraneous product. Particularly, it was a bird, according to a separate FDA enforcement report.

What you should do

Contamination of foodstuff with extraneous products is constantly a cause for concern. It's usually glass, metal, or plastic that individuals find in food and beverages. Item remembers consistently follow after such complaints.

If you own any Domino sugar items from the current recall, you ought to stop utilizing them. Otherwise, you risk injury and illness. On that note, the enforcement report does not discuss any incidents due to the sugar containing the metal wire.

Consumers should return any recalled Domino sugar to the location of purchase and get a refund. The enforcement report does not point out any solutions, nevertheless.

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Lastly, purchasers interested in getting in touch with the company can take a look at the enforcement report at this link. Another choice is getting in touch with the FDA directly utilizing the resources at this link.

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