7 Of The Fastest Electric Bikes You Can Buy, Ranked

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Stealth B52 electric bike

Electric bikes might be a relatively new segment compared to their pedal-only counterparts, but they're quickly gaining popularity as an alternative to both traditional bicycles and dirt bikes. With advances in battery tech allowing for ever-increasing power outputs, they're also getting ever faster, and the very fastest can get close to achieving highway speeds. Many of the best high-end eBikes come with a suitably high price tag to match, requiring riders to have both deep pockets and plenty of bravery to get anywhere close to maxing out their bikes.

A disclaimer here, though – most states restrict eBikes on public roads to either 20 mph or 28 mph, although regulations can vary significantly between states. It's always worth checking local laws before using an eBike, whether that's on public land or private land. In particular, anyone looking to test out the top speed of a high-powered eBike should always do so on private land.

Riders who do have a suitable area to test the limits of their eBike are spoilt for choice in the current market, with plenty of speedy options out there from a variety of manufacturers. These electric bikes are among the fastest currently available to buy.

OptiBike R22 Everest -- 36 mph

OptiBike R22 Everest

The headline feature of the R22 Everest is its 300-mile range — that's multiple times longer than most of its rivals, and is made possible thanks to OptiBike's 3,260Wh dual battery, which was designed in-house. The battery is removable too, and can be swapped out for even longer rides without the need to recharge. OptiBike says the motor, which again was designed and built in-house, offers up to 190 Newton-meters of torque, and can climb up to 40-degree gradients.

The frame and swingarm are both made from carbon fiber for added strength, while the 200mm of rear suspension travel should ensure the bike stays stable over even the roughest of trails. An LCD display mounted above the handlebars lets the rider keep an eye on things like battery level, mileage traveled, and speed, the latter of which tops out at 36 mph. The R22 Everest is undoubtedly one of the most capable electric mountain bikes out there, but all that capability comes at a very high cost. The bike currently retails for $18,900 on OptiBike's website.

Ristretto 512 A24 -- 40 mph

person riding Ristretto 512 A24

Ristretto is a new entrant to the electric bike scene, but its launch model, the 512, looks set to take on the best in class. The top-spec 512 A24 is capable of reaching up to 40 mph in Race mode, although Class-1 and Class-3 speed-limited modes are also available, so the bike can be legally ridden on public land in many states. The bike's impressive top speed is achieved thanks to its CYC motor, which Ristretto says can generate as much as 250 Nm of torque.

Powering that motor is the brand's Catalina battery pack, which uses Samsung battery cells for a total capacity of 1,550Wh. Ristretto quotes a range of 100 miles in pedal assist mode, while using battery power alone drops range down to just 45 miles. The brand plans to make a total production run of 400 units, with the bike available to purchase from its website for $4,395.

HPC Scout Pro -- 40 mph

HPC Scout Pro

Hi Power Cycles, or HPC, rule the roost when it comes to all-out speed. Several of its products feature what are among the fastest electric bikes on the market, with the Scout Pro being the most affordable of those. Affordable is a relative word, mind — at a starting price of $6,995, it's still thousands of dollars more expensive than most riders will ever be able to justify spending on a bike. Add on the top-spec motor and extended-range 1,680Wh battery, and that price increases by a further $4,000, but for that, riders get an improved top speed of up to 40 mph.

In top-spec configuration, HPC quotes a range of up to 80 miles, although with the caveat that its testing was conducted on flat ground. Considering that up to 240 Nm of torque is available, it's safe to say that most riders will want to make full use of that by scaling the steepest trail they can find. So, real-world range is likely to be considerably shorter, although how much shorter will depend on terrain and the level of electric assistance a rider uses.

Delfast Top 3.0 -- 50 mph

Delfast Top 3.0

While many of the fastest electric mountain bikes are designed squarely for the trail, the Delfast Top 3.0 aims to be just as capable as an everyday commuter. It's street legal in Class-2 mode, where it's limited to 20 mph, but also features an Unlimited mode that promises a top speed of 50 mph. A 3,456Wh battery gives the bike a range of up to 200 miles, although like any eBike, that will vary considerably based on terrain, speed, and mode.

The Delfast's turn signals and motorcycle tires mean it should be better suited to road use than many of its rivals, although it remains very capable off-road too. It's also considerably cheaper than most of the competition, with a starting price of $5,499, not including delivery. It's available to buy now from Delfast's website, with current delivery time estimated to be around three months after the date of ordering.

Stealth B-52 -- 50 mph

Stealth B-52 in the forest

The Stealth B-52 boasts maximum all-terrain capability at the expense of riding range, with its 2,500Wh battery providing up to 50 miles of juice between charges. For those limited miles, though, riders should feel like they can tackle anything, with 180mm of front suspension travel and 200mm of rear suspension travel to soak up the bumps on any type of terrain. The frame and the swingarm are covered by Stealth's lifetime warranty too, giving riders looking to give their bike a thrashing some extra peace of mind.

The B-52 is available to buy through the brand's website for $12,800 Australian dollars, which at the time of writing, works out at a little over $8,000 USD. Additional shipping fees and taxes for American buyers will push that price considerably higher. That's quite the investment, but then few other bikes offer the same combination of all-terrain chops and hair-raising top speed.

HPC Revolution X -- 60+ mph

HPC Revolution X

HPC's flagship electric bike costs $15,000 with the 8,000W power option, but with its officially quoted top speed of 60+ mph, it's about the fastest series-production eBike on the market. The optional battery brings total capacity up to 2,400Wh, giving the bike up to 100 miles of quoted throttle-only range. HPC even provides a 0-30 mph time of just 4.67 seconds — that's pretty unheard of for something that can still be moved entirely through pedal power.

Extensive use of carbon fiber and aluminum helps keep the weight of the Revolution X down to a minimum, while the DVO suspension keeps the ride smooth over rough surfaces. HPC builds all its eBikes in a facility in California, including building the battery, and offers a three-year warranty on the electrics and a five-year warranty on the frame. It's tough, then, but most importantly, it's lightning fast.

HPC Revolution X9 -- 65+ mph

HPC Revolution X9

Just in case the standard Revolution X wasn't fast enough, HPC also offers the limited-edition Revolution X9, which boasts an even higher top speed, thanks to its 9,000W system. It's the follow-up to the record-breaking Revolution XX, and is currently the fastest bike available to buy on the brand's website, with a listed speed of 65+ mph. As you might expect, this doesn't come cheap — in fact, at $18,000, it's one of the most expensive eBikes on the market.

The 100-mile quoted range from the Revolution X remains, although that range will decrease significantly depending upon the riding terrain. Only 30 units of the Revolution X9 are planned to be built, each with the same blisteringly fast specifications. For now, the bike remains in stock and available to purchase on HPC's website, at least for the few riders with the funds and the desire to justify such an expensive bike.

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