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A Mass Effect TV series is reportedly in the works at Amazon

Mass Effect will be the latest video game property to get the television treatment.

Video game adaptations have long had a stigma attached to them, but that’s quickly faded in recent years. Titles like The Witcher and even Sonic The Hedgehog have made the jump to live-action with quite the success, and there are a countless numbers of video game movies and TV shows on the way. Thanks to a new report, we’ve learned that one of these adaptations will be a TV series based on Mass Effect, which is currently in the works for Amazon Prime Video.

It was reported by Deadline that Amazon was looking to expand on its sci-fi/fantasy offerings on Prime Video, which includes a series based on the Mass Effect games. In the report, it’s stated that Amazon is nearing a deal that would grant them the rights to produce and distribute a live-action series based on the popular BioWare games. There are currently no details about the creative team behind the series.

It’s also not yet clear what aspects of the games that Amazon will be adapting for its TV show. The obvious answer would be that we’ll see a recreation of Commander Shepard’s journey, with familiar faces and locations getting the live-action treatment, but it’s also possible that the show goes in an entirely different direction. The Mass Effect universe is vast and full of interesting characters. It would make sense for Amazon to want to tell its own story that it can freely expand upon and experiment with down the line.

Mass Effect is hailed for its narrative and is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated story-based franchises of the modern era. With so many video games getting movie and television treatment, EA and BioWare’s sci-fi series seems like an easy choice. As for the gaming franchise, it’s already been confirmed that a new entry in the Mass Effect series is in development.