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ABetterABK announces strike, opens GoFundMe

Jessica Gonzalez of ABetterABK has opened a strike fund for the group.

ABetterABK has continued to fight not only for improved working conditions at not only Activision Blizzard, but across the video game industry. The group has exposed instances of mistreatment, and laid out demands to create a more welcoming and inclusive work environment moving forward. Now, ABetterABK is taking its movement a step further, as the organization has officially announced a strike and opened a strike fund.

ABetterABK announced its strike in a post to its Twitter account earlier today. Several workers at Acti-Blizz will participate in a strike until the group’s demands are met. In addition, ABetterABK calls on others from around the gaming industry to stand with them in solidarity. With the announcement, the group also started a strike fund on GoFundMe, to help recoup any losses due to the strike. The GoFundMe features a letter from organizer Jessica Gonzalez.

Although Jessica Gonzalez recently left Activision Blizzard, she’s still the head of ABetterABK and is fighting for change at the studio and around the industry. We’ll continue to provide future updates for this story here on Shacknews.