AI chatbot terrifies Snapchat users by posting strange video

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An illustraiton of the Snapchat logo made to look like a ghost

It's not Halloween yet, but some users of Snapchat seem like it is. On Tuesday evening, Snapchat's My AI chatbot published a mystical one-second video of what appears like a wall and a ceiling, in spite of never ever having added a video to its messages before. The device stayed strangely silent when users asked the chatbot about it. Further Reading"Sorry ahead of time!"Snapchat alerts of hallucinations with new AI conversation bot"My AI" is a chatbot built into the Snapchat app that people can speak with

shares clever quips and advises Snapchat features in a way that makes it feel like a corporate imitation of a fashionable young adult chillin 'with its online homies. Late yesterday, lots of people found that My AI had left a brief video of a two-toned scene as a"story"(what Snapchat calls a shared image or video), shocking users since it was unidentified that the bot had this ability. And the bot's synthetic character makes it easy to presume there is some deliberate action behind the video, although it's most likely just

an odd technical glitch."My Snapchat AI posted a random 1 second story and isn't responding to me AND IM FREAKED OUT, "composed one X user. It's a belief that lots of echoed through social media Tuesday night.

We connected to Snapchat for a description of what occurred and have not gotten an action by press time. However, a Snap spokesperson told Mashable that its My AI bot had"experienced a blackout." It's unclear why that blackout would include posting a mysterious image-- maybe the company is prototyping an image or video-generation function. Clearly, as a large language design trained by OpenAI

(see what we did there?), the chatbot has actually limited capabilities and does not think or feel like a human. However, it can imitate humans with exceptional ability, which may posture an ethical problem when it inevitably confabulates unreliable details. So far, that possibility has actually not stopped Snapchat from presenting the feature to numerous countless users worldwide. Due to the defective AI image's similarity to a wall and ceiling, numerous people thought that

perhaps My AI was spying on them."I swear I thought that was my wall specially the way I'm seating in my living-room, "said one X user. Another composed,"IT LOOK EXACTLY LIKE MY WALL I ALMOST DIED."An inscrutable ghost in the device can be difficult to analyze for those not familiar with how the tech works, and interacting with one that problems winds up like reading tea leaves-- and presuming that they need to apply to your life straight. But every user got the same video, and finding that truth online brought some relief." I'm glad someone else got the exact same photo though,"wrote one X user,"It matches my wall and ceiling where I lease and I was flipping out."

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