Airbnb will lastly show you the actual price of your stay

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If you've ever been annoyed by a greater total rate than you expected for a rental on Airbnb, we have some good news for you. Starting next month, Airbnb will provide you the option to see the total cost, including all the costs, on every listing. Users have actually been requesting for better cost openness for years, and in December, they're lastly getting it.

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky revealed the brand-new feature on Twitter on Monday. If you decide to switch on the feature, you will see the overall price prior to taxes in search results, on the map, on the cost filter, and on the listing page. You can likewise see a complete cost breakdown that consists of Airbnb's service charge, any discounts, and all of the taxes.

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While it can be helpful to see the nighttime rate of a rental, specifically if the length of your stay is fluid, not understanding just how much you're really going to pay in full can be discouraging. That is why this is such a considerable upgrade for the service.

In addition to showing users the total price of their stay, Airbnb will also prioritize search engine result by total cost instead of nightly rate. Previously, it was possible to game the system by setting a lower nighttime price and then tacking on a lot of fees at the end. Now, all of those costs will consider when the user sees the search results.

Other changes Chesky announced consist of brand-new pricing and discount rate tools for hosts and making checkout tasks more reasonable. Chesky states that guests should not need to do laundry, strips the beds, or vacuum, however it's reasonable for hosts to anticipate their guests to throw away food, shut off the lights, and lock the door before they leave.

Chesky didn't share an accurate date, but all of these modifications ought to make their way to Airbnb eventually prior to the end of the year.

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