AirJet Goes All Out At FMS: Full PCIe Gen5 SSD Speeds Without Throttle, Compact 64 TB SSDs & More

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During the Flash Memory Show 2023, Frore Systems showed some extremely ingenious SSD options that used its AirJet solution, the world’s very first solid-state active cooling chip innovation.

AirJet Technology Delivers Industry-Leading Active-Cooling Technology On Phison’s PCIe Gen5 SSDs, Up To 64 TB Compact Solutions Demoed

We got a close-up of the Frore System’s AirJet SSD active-cooling innovation at Computex 2023 which is viewed as a lower-power and less intrusive option to cooling for high-performance SSD devices. The AirJet service can be found in two type aspects, a Mini and a Pro variation which are to be made use of in a varied variety of products. More here.

These performance records are possible thanks to a break through technology in heat elimination. AirJet – the World’s very first solid-state active cooling chip – is just 2.8 mm thick, 27.5 mm x 41.5 mm in size, and weighs only 11 grams.

AirJet is a scalable option, with additional heat elimination achievable by just adding more AirJet chips. Each chip eliminates 5W of heat, and the easy combination of numerous chips implies two chips can remove 10W, three chips 15W and so on. AirJet’s compact size and scalable nature means producers can adopt the heat removal technology in a vast array of applications, allowing increased performance in much faster, thinner, lighter, silent, and dustproof devices.

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