Alan Wake 2 Gets Launch Trailer; Remedy Confirms DualSense Features Are on PC, Too

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With Remedy's long-awaited follow up now simply 2 days far from release, the launch trailer for Alan Wake 2 has actually been released. You can examine it out listed below (or will you be more powerful and prevent any spoilers?).

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& Path Tracing Recently, the Finnish studio dropped in-depth PC system requirements for Alan Wake 2. Unsurprisingly, it will be a heavy video game on your setups due to its extremely sophisticated Northlight engine-powered graphics. Not even the NVIDIA GTX 10 Series and AMD Radeon RX 5000 Series graphics cards are supported due to their absence of DirectX 12 Ultimate's Mesh Shaders performance.

The other day, NVIDIA provided a sneak peek of the efficiency of Alan Wake 2 on its GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs. According to NVIDIA, its flagship graphics card, the GeForce RTX 4090, averages 134.4 frames per 2nd at 4K resolution output with DLSS Super Resolution set to Performance and Frame Generation + Ray Reconstruction likewise switched on. All these DLSS functions integrated provide a 4.1 x efficiency increase compared to native making.

Tatu Aalto, Lead Graphics Programmer at Remedy Entertainment, stated in a declaration:

The brand-new Ray Reconstruction function in DLSS 3.5 renders our totally ray-traced world more wonderfully than ever in the past, bringing you deeper into the story of Alan Wake 2.

Previously today, Remedy's Communications Director Thomas Puha likewise validated that the video game's PlayStation 5 and PC variations will make the most of the DualSense controller's distinct functions, specifically haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. Not all video games do that in spite of the absence of any challenges, so congratulations to Remedy.

DualSense assistance. "feel" rain pattern on the controller. Each weapon feels various on the trigger, so a shotgun will be noticeably various from the crossbow. You can, naturally, turn this things off if you desire. Supported on PC if you utilize the DualSense there.

Pre-order clients can now preload the video game on consoles. The verified set up size is 85GB on PlayStation 5, 82GB on Xbox Series S|X, and 86GB on PC (by means of the Epic Games Store, where it's going to be a long-term unique considered that Epic is releasing the video game).

Take a look at Kai's hands-on sneak peek for our impressions of the video game. For a summary of whatever we understand about Alan Wake 2, head to our roundup post.

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