Alan Wake 2-- How to Beat the Cynthia Weaver Boss Fight

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Alan Wake 2 is here, and as you would anticipate from a survival scary video game, it tosses some relatively difficult obstacles at you, consisting of a variety of manager battles.

Caution: This short article consists of SPOILERS for Alan Wake 2.

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The 3rd significant manager battle you'll come across in Alan Wake protests Cynthia Weaver. While she's not the most tough manager in the video game, you do need to follow a particular series of actions to beat her. Follow our guide and you should not have excessive problem ...

After making your method through the Dark Place bunker below the Valhalla Nursing Home, you'll discover yourself in a big circular space. Head to the main control console and press the huge button and Cynthia will make her look. As is typically the case in Alan Wake 2

, you require to reboot a generator, which will enable you to drain pipes the water in the space. In order to discover the generator you require to make your method through the flooded space till you get to a break in the wall. Cynthia is prowling under the water like a shark. If you remain in the water for too long, Cynthia will hurry at you under the water and your flashlight and weapons can do absolutely nothing to stop her. If she gets you, half your life bar will vanish. What you need to do is make your method from one safe-haven (metal carts, ledges, ect.)to the next as rapidly as possible. Keep slowly making your method forward up until you get to

the break in the wall, then head through. You're now in an external ring around the primary space. Head left, continuing to zip from platform to platform as rapidly as you can. There are a couple cubbies in the wall which contain some ammunition and resources. You'll come to a cubby with the generator. Reboot it. Throughout from this cubby there will be a taller platform. Climb up on that and after that through the hole in the wall. Head straight for the main console and press the button once again. This time it works and the water from the upper level will drain pipes.

Ah, however you're refrained from doing yet, as you still need to secure Cynthia. Head to the lower level and run around the circular space till you experience Cynthia. She'll be drifting, andyour best choice is to take her down rapidly with headshots with your searching rifle( here's how to discover that ). If you do not have the searching rifle, select away at her with your handgun. Cynthia will sometimes sends out waves of dark water and balls of darkness at you-- evade the waves and get the darkness with your flashlight.

Once you harm Cynthia enough, she'll drop to the ground and begin charging around like an unmanageable kid. Keep your range and blast her with your sawed-off shotgun (here's how to discover that). If you do not have the shotgun, whittle her down with your handgun. Pump sufficient damage into ol' Cynthia and she'll lastly decrease.

Phew! And there you go, another employer in the books. This one can be a bit confusing in the beginning, once you understand what to do, you're golden.

Alan Wake 2 can be used PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5. You can have a look at more of Wccftech's Alan Wake 2 guides here.

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