Alan Wake 2-- How to Get All Saga's Weapons Including the Sawed-Off Shotgun and Crossbow

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Alan Wake 2 is here, and as you would get out of a survival scary video game, especially one established by the twisted minds at Remedy Entertainment, the video game is loaded with tricks to discover for those going to wander off a bit off the beaten course.

Keep in mind: The following short article consists of some non-story SPOILERS.

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While Alan Wake 2 provides its 2 heroes a fundamental handgun by default, there are a variety of better weapons that can be additionally obtained, although all of them need a little bit of puzzle-solving to get your hands on. Co-protagonist Saga Anderson has a somewhat bigger toolbox than her equivalent, having the ability to obtain a crossbow, searching rifle, and a set of shotguns throughout the course of the video game. Here's how to get all of Saga's weapons so you can enter into the darkness sensation prepared ...

Sawed-Off Shotgun

  • Chapter: Return 2 (The Heart)

Near completion of the 2nd the 2nd chapter of Saga's project, you'll discover yourself inside the General Store. After you secure the deer-masked cultist inside, you'll discover the sawed-off shotgun in a case in the very same back space where you discover Nightingale's heart. You'll require a 3-digit mix to open the lock.

Head back to the sales register, and you

'll discover a note about altering the mix and a lottery ticket. The option is a 7 followed by the 5th lottery number. To put it simply-- 739. Head back to the case, get in the mix and the shotgun is yours! Crossbow Chapter

: Return 3(Local Girl) While checking out the northeast part of the Watery map, you'll discover a shooting variety.

Look more detailed at the shooting variety. You'll discover arrows stuck in a series of

  • numbers. Particularly-- 527.

    Enter this code into a close-by Cult Stash to declare the Crossbow. Searching Rifle Chapter: Return 5(Old Gods) While checking out the Wellness Center, you'll encounter the Workshop, which is unattainable since it's missing out on a doorknob. Move to the security space to your left and take a look at the lit up computer system. A passcode is required. The good news is, there a numerous hints in this space regarding what the code is. You'll discover a file describing a routine that happens after brand-new moons. A calendar on the bulletin board system on the wall suggests the dates of current brand-new moons-- you're searching for the most current one, which occurred on August 16. The password is the date after that, formatted European-style (day-month-year). Long story short, the code for the computer system is-- 170823. Get in the code and after that turn of the security door locks. Exit the security space through the door opposite the one you was available in from. Turn right, and you'll see the security doors near Reception are now

    open. Head through them, then into the lounge, then behind the Reception desk. In a cardboard box under the desk you'll discover the doorknob. Head back to the Workshop and utilize the knob on

the door. The searching rifle remains in an open locker inside. Pump-Action Shotgun Chapter: Return 6(Scratch)In the Sheriff's Station, enter into Tim Breaker's workplace. You'll see the pump-action shotgun rather undoubtedly shown in a class case, however as typical, there's a mix to get it.

Nearby, you'll see a series of sci-fi books and a note about letters representing specific numbers. What to do? Bear in mind of the letters the surnames of authors of the 3 books begin with-- Quincy (Part I), Batson (Part I), and Westmore( Part III ). QBW, which equates to-- 723.

Enter that code into the case to get the shotgun. And there you have it! All of Saga's weapons are now yours. Ammunition for a few of these weapons is relatively minimal, however they can truly shred opponents compared to your fundamental handgun, so they're worth locating.

Alan Wake 2 can be used PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5. You can take a look at more of Wccftech's Alan Wake 2 guides here.

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