All the New iMac Accessories Still Use the Lightning Connector Despite Apple Pushing for USB Type-C

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The Apple Scary Fast event is now officially over, and if you were hoping for something other than the new super-fast Mac devices, then we are sorry that did not happen, but towards the end, we did learn that the entire event was shot on an iPhone 15 Pro Max, which is an impressive thing, to say the least. Digging deeper, we also found that the company is not quite ready to let go of the beloved Lightning connector.

Apple might not be ready to completely bid farewell to its legendary Lightning port as the new iMac peripherals still feature it

It appears that all the new iMac accessories still use the Lightning connector despite Apple pushing for USB Type-C on the new iPhone 15 series. This might be a disappointing factor for those who still prefer to be in the ecosystem and were hoping to just rely on a single cable. But it appears that is not going to be the case.

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Now, normally, this would not be something that a lot of people would scoff at, but considering how Apple is slowly shifting over to USB Type-C port for almost all the products that it sells, this does seem like a strange decision to stick to the Lightning port for the latest iMac. For instance, the entire iPhone 15 lineup offers USB Type-C. The same goes for the latest generation of iPad, the Apple TV, the second generation of AirPods Pro, and the new Apple Pencil. Looking at this push towards the USB Type-C, it does look like a strange decision to go back to the older connector, but perhaps we will see a refresh next year.

As for why Apple decided to stick to the Lightning port instead of moving over to the Type-C connector, it is anyone's guess, but if there is an explanation that the company has, we will be sure to keep you posted. Despite the connector choice, it is obvious that the new iMac has finally received a much-needed upgrade, and if you have been thinking about retiring your older device, now is a great time as the M3 chipset gives it a performance boost that it needed a long time ago, and the new 4.5K display looks excellent for all the tasks.

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