AMD Fluid Motion Frames "AFMF" Technology Gets Further Optimized In Latest Preview Driver

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AMD has actually lastly launched a brand-new AFMF "Fluid Motion Frames" chauffeur which provides much better stability and small optimizations to players.

AMD Optimizes Fluid Motion Frame Technology In Latest Preview Driver Release

While the upgrade isn't a huge one, it does reveal that AMD hasn't neglected the AFMF (AMD Fluid Motion Frames), which has actually gathered enormous interest from the market generally due to the fact that it is the only competitors to NVIDIA's Frame Generation innovation, and can be executed within any DX11 or DX12 video game. The preliminary outcomes have actually exposed that the function can providing a good boost in efficiency by "including" more frames. Here are the enhancements made in the brand-new "" motorist:

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  • Improvements to motorist stability throughout job changing.
  • Improvements to fix cases of AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition ™ periodically crashing, or stopping working to show metrics.

For a fast wrap-up, AMD's AFMF ejects as numerous "frames-per-second" as possible by carrying out frame interpolation on the chauffeur side. Paired with FSR 3, AMD intends on enhancing a player's experience without him ever stressing over the efficiency output from his Radeon GPU.

The function is restricted to the Radeon RX 7000 and RX 6000 GPUs, it is still an excellent addition to the business's software application toolbox and has actually certainly enhanced the general experience of a Team Red player. We had formerly evaluated the innovation in Forspoken & Immortals of Aveum where it worked as meant which is to double your FPS by carrying out frame interpolation. The titles including compatibility with AFMF are noted below:

A Plague Tale - Requiem Borderlands 3 Control Dead Space
Deep Rock Galactic Passing away Light 2 Far Cry 6 Ghostwire: Tokyo
Hit man 3 Hogwarts Legacy Horizon Zero Dawn City Exodus Enhanced Edition
Red Dead Redemption 2 Homeowner Evil 3 Citizen Evil 4 Shadow Of The Tomb Raider
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Starfield The Last of United States Part 1 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The execution of AFMF is still within the "sneak peek" chauffeurs, and the business hasn't defined when it will be combined with the mainstream chauffeurs. We might see a much more "fine-tuned" variation of the function in the future, which might undoubtedly ramp up the competitors among comparable options. Following are the arise from our screening of AFMF innovation:

Forspoken RX 7900 XTX Performance (4K Maxed Ray Tracing)
FPS (Avg)
FPS (1%)

< div class=" chart-item tooltip-chart" data-text=" FPS
( Avg) 61 FPS( 1%) 51

Latency 38.7"


61 51 38.7 FSR 3 AA< div class=" chart-item tooltip-chart" data-text

FPS( Avg)

52 FPS( 1%) 41
Latency 45.0" >

52 41 45.0 FSR 3 Quality< div class=" chart-item tooltip-chart" data-text=" FPS
( Avg) 83 FPS (1

Latency 32.3" >
83 62 32.3 FSR 3 Performance

102 70 28.7 FSR
3 AA FG< div class=" chart-item tooltip-chart" data-text
=" FPS (Avg) 92 FPS( 1 %) 42 Latency 36.1" >

92 42 36.1 FSR 3 Quality FG< div class=" chart-item tooltip-chart" data-text=" FPS
( Avg) 152 FPS( 1%) 65 Latency

27.1" >

152 65 27.1 FSR 3 Quality Fluid Motion Frames

160 62 27.9 FSR 3 Performance FG

188 80 24.8 FSR 3 Performance Fluid Motion Frames< div class=" chart-item tooltip-chart" data-text=" FPS(
Avg) 201 FPS( 1 %)

85 Latency 24.7" > 201 85 24.7 That stated, it is safe to state that AMD has actually undoubtedly increase its efforts to position its brand-new upscaling innovations comparable to its rivals. The mix of AFMF with FSR 3 is a pleasure to see because it not just improves the general quality however makes sure ideal efficiency, leading to a much "improved" experience. You can see the brand-new sneak peek chauffeur here.

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