AMD FSR Technology Reportedly Coming To Next-Gen Samsung & Qualcomm Smartphones

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AMD is apparently dealing with Samsung & Qualcomm to bring FSR "FidelityFX Super Resolution" innovation to future mobile phones.

Samsung & Qualcomm's Next-Gen Smartphones Might Benefit From AMD's FSR "FidelityFX Super Resolution" & Ray Tracing Technologies

The information originate from @Tech_Reve who mentions that AMD, Samsung & Qualcomm have actually chosen to collectively deal with the FSR to contend versus NVIDIA's DLSS. and Apple's MetalFX upscaling tech. The details recommends that the innovation will be integrated by future mobile phones considering that AMD's laptop computers and desktops currently make use of FSR innovations so it would make good sense that Samsung and Qualcomm will deal with AMD to use it for future smart devices.

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Unlike the contending options, AMD's FSR innovation deals with a series of hardware consisting of GPUs from the competitors. This hardware-agnostic style can likewise serve the mobile area well and it appears like Samsung & Qualcomm have actually collaborate with AMD to make use of the tech for their upcoming flagship mobile phones.

Samsung currently utilizes AMD's RDNA GPU IP for its mobile Exynos chips It makes sense for them to take advantage of FSR. Qualcomm on the other hand likewise wishes to take advantage of the FPS-boosting tech for its upcoming Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SOC for high-end mobiles and both business will contend versus Apple's MetaFX and NVIDIA's DLSS innovations.

NVIDIA DLSS is just relevant to desktop and laptop computer hardware though the upcoming Nintendo Switch portable is anticipated to use the innovation too and maximize it. The Apple MetalFX and Ray Tracing abilities have actually provided them a huge dive in-game assistance with the newest iPhone 15 series supporting contemporary AAA titles such as Resident Evil Village. Far, just NVIDIA and Intel have upscaling innovations that utilize AI with NVIDIA offering frame-gen too. AMD just recently presented Frame-Gen for its FSR 3 tech without the requirement for AI-based hardware and Apple isn't pursuing AI-based upscaling either at the minute.

Making use of AMD FSR within mobile phones will absolutely be a significant advancement for Arm & Android-based gadgets. Anticipate more details in the coming months as these items are presented to the customer sector.

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