AMD Navi 4X Halo GPU Renders Show What A Possible RDNA 4 MCM Chip Might Look Like

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A couple of renders of what a possible AMD Navi 4X Halo GPU based upon the RDNA 4 architecture have been published which should us a glance of what this flagship gaming chip might’ve been.

AMD’s High-End Navi 4X Halo GPU Featuring The RDNA 4 Architecture Appears In Conceptual Renders

You may have heard the rumor of AMD canceling its high-end RDNA 4 GPUs and focusing on the mainstream SKUs such as Navi 43 and Navi 44. There were likewise rumors that the high-end chips consisted of SKUs such as the Navi 4C and Navi 4X which were expected to go all out with an MCM style.

Now based upon some concepts of what this high-end chip may’ve been, Twitter fellow, Olrak29, has actually posted a couple of diagrams of the chip which have further gotten full-on renders by @creper9000. Do note that these are simply conceptual images and might or may not represent the final product.

AMD RDNA 4 “Navi 4X” GPU Block Diagram (Credits: Olrak29 _):


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