AMD Ryzen 7000G "Phoenix" AM5 Desktop APUs & Ryzen 8000 "Hawk Point" APUs Revealed

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AMD's upcoming Ryzen 7000G Desktop APUs based upon Phoenix and Ryzen 8000 Laptop APUs based upon Hawk Point households have actually been exposed.

AMD Ryzen 7000G Desktop & Ryzen 8000 Laptop APUs Spotted: 6 Core & 4 Core Mainstream Models For AM5 & FP7 Platforms

Details concerning AMD's upcoming desktop and laptop computer APUs originates from Harukaze5719 who has actually found the chips within an OPN leakage. The OPN list exposes 3 Ryzen 7000G Desktop APUs in AM5 tastes and 3 Ryzen 8000 Laptop APUs in FP7R2 tastes.

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Beginning with the AMD Ryzen Desktop APU household, we understand from earlier reports that the red group was preparing an APU lineup based upon its most current AM5 socket. The APU household was going to become part of the Phoenix household which is currently launched for the mobile sector. The lineup would include both PRO & Non-PRO tastes and consist of the Ryzen 5 7500G and the Ryzen 3 7300G chips.

The AMD Ryzen 5 7500G APU is noted in 100-000001183-00 (PRO) and 100-00000931 (Non-PRO) tastes, including a 65W TDP and need to preserve 6 cores with 12 threads. The Ryzen 3 7300G is noted in 100-00000187-00 (PRO) and 100-000001186 (Non-PRO) tastes and must embrace a 65W TDP with 4 cores/ 8 threads.

AMD Ryzen 7000G Desktop APUs


APU Name Architecture Core/ Threads Clocks(Base/ Max)GPU TDP Cost Ryzen 5 7500G Zen 4/ RDNA 3 6/ 12 TBD 65W TBD Ryzen 3 7300G Zen 4/ RDNA 3 4/ 8 TBD 65W TBD The AMD Ryzen 8000"Hawk Point"APUs for laptop computers which will be a refresh of the existing Ryzen 7040"Phoenix"APUs are likewise noted and consist of the Ryzen 3 8440U(4 Core/ 8 Thread

)& the Ryzen 5 8540U(6Core/ 12 Thread) chips. Both APUs are ranked at a TDP of 28W and will include assistance on the FP7/FP7R2 platforms. These APUs must be extremely comparable to the existing Ryzen 3 7440U and Ryzen 5 7540U chips and would likewise use a likewise hybrid Zen 4+ Zen 4C setup. Now these are simply initial SKUs and we can anticipate much more SKUs within the AMD Ryzen 7000G and Ryzen 8000 households. It is great to see an upgrade on the AM5 Desktop APU front as the chips can be a good budget plan

option, providing Zen 4's CPU expertise and fantastic integrated graphics efficiency thanks to the most recent RDNA 3 core architecture. We can anticipate an official expose by the end of this year or at CES 2024. When it comes to the Hawk Point APU household, they are anticipated to be revealed at CES 2024 and will be embraced in different styles consisting of upcoming 2-in-1 Windows Tablets. AMD APU Forecasted Roadmap 2016-2023 APU Segment Household Codename Household Branding Process Node CPU Architecture GPU Architecture Max Cores/ Threads TDP Introduce Year Desktop(AM5)

Phoenix Ryzen 7000G 4nm Zen 4 Navi(RDNA

3)8/16 35-65W 2023

? Desktop(AM5)Rembrandt Ryzen 7000G 6nm Zen 3+Navi(RDNA 2)8/16 35-65W

Cancelled Desktop(

AM4 )Cezanne Ryzen 5000G 7nm Zen 3 Vega(4th Gen)8/16 35-65W 2021 Desktop

(AM4 )Renoir Ryzen 4000G 7nm Zen 2(Vega 3rd Gen)8/16 35-65W 2020 Desktop(AM4)Picasso Ryzen 3000G 12nm Zen
+Vega (2nd Gen)4/8 35-65W 2019 Desktop(AM4)Raven Ridge Ryzen 2000G 14nm Zen Vega(1st Gen)4/8 35-65W 2018 Desktop(AM4)Bristol Ridge A10-9000 28nm Excacvator+GCN 3.0 2/4 35-65W 2016 News Source: Harukaze5719

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