AMD To Utilize Samsung 4nm & TSMC 3nm Nodes For Next-Gen Chips, Zen 5C Possibly Codenamed Prometheus

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AMD is anticipated to use Samsung's 4nm and TSMC's 3nm procedure node for its next-generation chips as hinted in a brand-new leakage in addition to a brand name brand-new Prometheus codename.

AMD Taps In Samsung 4nm & TSMC 3nm For Next-Gen Chips, Zen 5C Codenamed Prometheus?

The current details originates from gamma0burst who have actually assembled a big list of information based upon Employee profiles/projects on LinkedIn. According to the information, one engineer has actually noted a series of procedure nodes that are being leveraged by AMD for the advancement of its next-gen IPs. The most intriguing ones consist of TSMC N3 (3nm) and Samsung 4nm. We understand that AMD is going to utilize a mix of 4nm and 3nm procedure nodes for its Zen 5 core architecture however the business has actually up until now depended on TSMC for production.

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It was formerly reported that AMD may move some production to Samsung and use its 4nm procedure innovation though the level of this offer is unidentified. It is most likely that AMD may've utilized Samsung Foundries for a trial run or a particular I/O pass away however present reports suggest that it is not likely that AMD would produce any significant IP on Samsung 4nm. We can't state for sure up until or unless the word comes straight from AMD.

Besides that, the leakage likewise discusses a brand name brand-new codename, Prometheus. A previous leakage had actually exposed that the Zen 4 codename is Persephone, Zen 5 is Nirvana, and Zen 6 is Morpheus. It is understood that the Zen 4C core is codenamed Dionysus so the possibility of Prometheus being the codename of the Zen 5C core is high. Zen 4 (5nm)-Persephone Zen 4C (5nm) -Dionysus Zen 5( 3nm) -Nirvana Zen 5C (3nm?)-Prometheus? Zen 6(2nm )- Morpheus The AMD Zen 5 and Zen 5C core architectures will be a significant offer

  • in 2024-2025.They are going
  • to power a series of households consisting of Strix
  • Point (Ryzen Laptops), Granite Ridge(Ryzen Desktop), and Turin(EPYC Server).There are going to be numerous more items and we are

    anticipated to see a minor look of those throughout the coming months at significant occasions planned by AMD. AMD Zen CPU/ APU Roadmap:

    Zen Architecture Zen 6 Zen 5(C)Zen 4(C )Zen 3+Zen 3 Zen 2 Zen+Zen 1 Core Codename Morpheus Nirvana(Zen 5)Prometheus(Zen 5C)Persphone(Zen 4)Dionysus (Zen 4C)Warhol

    Cerebrus Valhalla Zen + Zen CCD Codename TBA Eldora Durango TBC Brekenridge Aspen Highlands N/A N/A Process Node 3nm/2nm? 4nm/3nm 5nm/4nm 6nm 7nm 7nm 12nm 14nm Server EPYC Venice(6th Gen)EPYC Turin(5th Gen)EPYC Genoa(4th Gen )
    EPYC Siena(4th Gen)

    EPYC Bergamo(4th Gen)N/A EPYC Milan (3rd Gen)EPYC Rome (2nd Gen )N/A EPYC Naples (1st Gen)High-End Desktop TBA Ryzen Threadripper 8000(Shamida Peak)Ryzen Threadripper 7000(Storm Peak)N/A

    Ryzen Threadripper 5000(Chagal)Ryzen Threadripper 3000(Castle Peak)Ryzen Threadripper 2000(Coflax)Ryzen Threadripper 1000(White Haven)Mainstream Desktop CPUs TBA Ryzen 8000(Granite Ridge)Ryzen 7000(Raphael)Ryzen 6000(Warhol

    / Cancelled)Ryzen 5000(Vermeer)Ryzen 3000(Matisse)Ryzen 2000(Pinnacle Ridge)Ryzen 1000(Summit Ridge)Mainstream Desktop.

    Note pad
    APU TBA Ryzen 8000(Strix Point)Ryzen ****( Krackan Point)Ryzen 7000(Phoenix)Ryzen 6000(Rembrandt)Ryzen 5000(Cezanne)Ryzen 6000(Barcelo )Ryzen 4000( Renoir)Ryzen 5000(Lucienne

    )Ryzen 3000(Picasso)Ryzen 2000(Raven
    Ridge) Low-Power Mobile TBA Ryzen 8000(Escher)Ryzen 7000 (Mendocino)TBA

    TBA Ryzen 5000(Van Gogh
    )Ryzen 6000 (Dragon Crest)
    N/A N/A News Sources: @Tech_Reve, @faridofanani96

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