AMD’s Radeon PRO W7600 Workstation GPU Faces Screen Blackouts Due To Overheating

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AMD’s newly-released Radeon PRO W7600 expert GPU faces issues within its thermal style, triggering random system blackouts due to overheating.

AMD Radeon Pro W7600 GPU Gets Very Hot Out of The Box, Replacing Thermal Pads Solves The Problem

In comprehensive testing of the AMD Radeon Pro W7600 GPU by Igor’s Lab, it was revealed that using load on the GPU would lead to black screens at various intervals, eventually causing a system crash. Like every customer, Igor initially believed the problem was present in the DisplayPort, but things got more made complex upon diving into the concern.

Igor executed the usual SOPs of the diagnostic procedure, and the very first thing he did was connect the screen to the integrated graphics on the CPU, which eliminated the problem. Hence it was concluded that the “blackouts” were triggered by the AMD Radeon PRO W7600 GPU. Upon expanding on the diagnostics, it was revealed that the GPU was facing an overheating problem, with the VRM section particularly being affected the most, which discusses the blackouts.

So the factor behind the issue, as Igor’s Lab explained, was the mistakes in using thermal pads on the VRMs of the AMD Radeon Pro W7600 GPU. The thermal pads were placed in such a way that avoided thermal dissipation and compromised the vapor chamber’s efficiency, resulting in significantly heats. The thickness of the pads was also above the typical requirements, which limited thermal conductivity.


to mismanagement in the production and QC phases. This would also be the 2nd case of RDNA 3 GPUs facing overheating problems with the first one being the 7900 XTX which needed to be recalled due to a flaw within the vapor chamber. News Source: Igor’s Lab

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