An Angry Birds Cafe Is Opening in New York in a Desperate Attempt to Recapture the Game’s Glory Days

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It wasn’t the hardware that made the iPhone a hit, and even iOS, it was the possible unlocked by the intro of the App Store, and among the earliest must-have apps for Apple’s mobile phone was a game about slingshotting furious fowl that, almost 14 years later on, looks like it might be the supreme destination for what’s left of fan base. The app no longer ranks anywhere near the leading 10 in Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store.This Saturday, a 3,300-square foot iSwii by Angry Birds is opening in the food court of a brand-new 275,000 square foot multi-level retail center in Flushing, Queens. With “a collection of Instagrammable NYC-themed statue setups outside the entryway”and”an eye-catching brilliant mural ceiling”featuring artwork, photos of the coffee shop will probably be finding their way onto your favorite social media networks this weekend. The cafe’s menu will consist of “custom-decorated delicious seasonal vacation cakes & pastries “and while you should not expect a relaxing take a seat dining establishment experience, there is a private room for birthday celebrations and other longer occasions that consists of the ability to play the VR variations of the video game. Advertisement The cafe will also be stacked with all manner of merchandise, according to the business. It primarily seems like a go into exit through the gift store experience, without out much else in terms of substance. Where’s the Angry Bird-themed axe tossing experience? Or a rage space where people can smash ceramic pigs with bats? We would have even lined up for some decent fried chicken dyed red.

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