Andrew Tate Is No Longer Under Romanian House Arrest

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Internet” alpha “and extreme misogynist Andrew Tate and his bro are reportedly devoid of house arrest following an arrest in December . The siblings and two conspirators are now waiting for trial on charges of human trafficking and sexual assault.The Associated Press Advertisement “After 10 months. 3 in prison, 7 in the house. After 15 million euro of asset seizures. After an inditement based upon nothing. The file was passed to a Judge who has actually ruled it weak and circumstantial. I have actually been launched from house arrest but must stay within Romania. Now. To the Mosque. Alhamdulillah, “Andrew Tate apprehended in December 2022 and held in custody for 30 days under charges of sex trafficking, rape, and forming a criminal group. Romanian authorities subsequently took Elon Musk and Tucker Carlson.

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