Good luck to everybody trying to get 1 today. 

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Update, May 12: A line just started at Sony Direct for more PS5 gaming systems. Hurry over to enter line. Good luck!

Both the PlayStation 5 as well as the Xbox Series X are nevertheless nearly impossible to find. Sony’s PlayStation Direct site is usually one place that often restocks its PS5 supply, but it’s a small tricky to get 1.   

For 1, you will need a PSN account in order to check out (it’s free). Second, you need in order to wait “in line.” Once you click upon the PlayStation Direct web site, you’ll be added in order to a queue, and in the event that you’re lucky, you may get to the entrance from the line to obtain a PS5. 

If you’re unlucky and do not obtain a PS5, there’s nevertheless some hope. A fortunate few who have already been in line before plus signed up for Ps marketing emails might get a line-pass email. This will take you directly to the particular front of the line in case you get 1. 

Good luck in order to everyone trying to obtain a PS5!

See with Sony Direct (Disc PS5)
See with Sony Direct (Digital PS5)

Looking intended for other PS5 options? Check our PS5 restock web page.

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