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Apex Legends Game Director Chad Grenier leaves Respawn Entertainment

A major creative force behind the Titanfall series and Apex Legends will depart from Respawn.

Apex Legends has been a smash hit for Respawn Entertainment and developer EA over the last couple of years. A large reason behind that success has been the hard work done by the team at the development studio, led by Game Director Chad Grenier. However, Respawn Entertainment will have to move forward without its longtime leader steering the ship. Chad Grenier has announced that he is leaving Respawn Entertainment after 11 years with the company.

Chad Grenier announced his departure from Respawn Entertainment with an open letter to the company’s website. In the post, Grenier reflects on his time at Respawn, from creating Titanfall, to crafting its sequel, and the development of Apex Legends.

With Chad Grenier having such a strong influence over Respawn Entertainment and the games it produces, there will surely be concerns about the future of its marquee franchises. “Apex Legends is in great hands and I feel like I can walk away knowing this game and community will continue to be taken care of,” Grenier says in his letter.

Chad Grenier will be succeeded by Steven Ferreira, who became a lead at the studio back in 2019 not long after the launch of Apex Legends. Grenier doesn’t explicitly give a reason for his departure from the studio, but the language used seems to imply that he isn’t leaving the world of video game development. We’ll continue to follow Apex Legends as it enters a new era, and keep an eye out for whatever is next for Chad Grenier.