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Apple recently announced new hardware which range from colorful iMacs in order to a faster iPad Pro model. But perhaps the particular biggest announcement was your littlest device we’ve seen through the iPhone maker inside a long time: the AirTag

Apple’s new Tile-like AirTag trackers can end up being attached to just about anything a person own and then a person can use Apple’s Find My network to track down your own lost item. 

AirTag preorders begin arriving nowadays, exactly the same day the brand new accessory is landing upon store shelves (here’s how to buy an AirTag). If you just selected up an AirTag or even four, here are 7 tips and tricks I’ve found up to now after screening them for almost a 7 days. 

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Initial set up is a breeze

If you’ve fixed up a set of AirPods ($150 at Walmart), you’re currently a pro at environment up an AirTag. If you haven’t, don’t tension — it’s incredibly basic. 

After unboxing your own AirTag, remove the plastic material film and pull away the tab that’s maintaining the battery from running the tag. Unlock your own iPhone make the label a couple of ins away from your mobile phone. 

An alert can appear on your apple iphone letting you know which new AirTag nearby, as well as your phone will walk a person through the rest associated with the setup process. You can find more information concerning the setup process within our guide.

Finding the nearby AirTag is the fun, interactive experience. 

Sarah Tew

How to find the nearby AirTag

If you lose your key ring or even backpack in your house, but it has a good AirTag attached, it’s actually simple to track the particular lost item down. 

Open the Find My application, select the Items tabs and then tap the particular tag you want in order to find. Slide the screen up from the underside of the screen plus tap the Find key. 

Your iPhone can connect with the nearby AirTag, or instruct you in order to keep moving around whilst it looks for the particular AirTag’s signal. As a person get nearer to the label, your phone will display the estimated distance plus direction. If you possess an iPhone 11 or even newer, your phone can use the tag’s UWB signal to give a person the tag’s precise place within a few inches. If you don’t have a UWB-capable iPhone, your phone will use a Bluetooth Low Energy connection to get you pointed in the right direction. 

On the bottom of the screen there’s a speaker button that will force the tag to play a sound to help you locate it. 

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Enable Lost Mode as soon as you can. 

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What to do if you lose a good AirTag

If you’ve completely lost your bag or keys with an AirTag attached, say in a shopping mall, then the process for finding it is a little different. The first thing you should do is enable Lost Mode for the AirTag. Do that by opening the Find My app, tap Items tab, select the tag you lost, then slide the panel up from the bottom of the screen until you see an option to enable Lost Mode.

Tap Enable, read through the information that’s included on the next screen and select Continue. On the next screen, enter a mobile phone number where you can be reached by whoever finds your lost AirTag, then tap Next. On the next screen, turn on Notify When Found so you’ll know if the tag has been located by another Apple device and then tap Activate.

If you don’t mark an item as lost, whoever finds and scans your AirTag won’t know how to contact you. Don’t skip this step. 

Apple’s Find My network anonymously crowdsources the location of any Find My-enabled devices, like AirTags. With nearly a billion iPhones currently in use, you shouldn’t have any trouble tracking the tag’s location at any given time. If you turned on the Notify option, the next time an Apple device connects to your tag, you’ll receive an alert letting you know where it is.

When you find a lost tag, you can scan it using NFC even if you have an Android phone.

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What to do if you find a lost AirTag

I’ve covered what to do when you lose an item with an AirTag attached, but what if you find an item with someone else’s AirTag attached? It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or use Android — you can help return the lost item to its owner by scanning the AirTag as if you were making a mobile payment. 

In other words: Hold the tag to the back of your phone and let its NFC scanner read the NFC chip inside the AirTag. An alert will pop up on your phone with a Safari link (or a Chrome link for Android users). Open it and you’ll be able to see whether the owner has marked the item as lost, along with a phone number where you can reach them. 

Change an AirTag’s name with a couple of taps. 

Screenshots by Jason Cipriani

How to change the name of your AirTag

During initial setup, you’re asked to give your AirTag a name. The prefilled names all have an emoji already selected for you, but you’re not stuck with that list of options. Rename a tag by opening the Find My app on your iPhone and going to the Items tab. Select the AirTag you want to edit, then swipe up on the card at underneath associated with the screen. 

At the bottom of the screen will be the Rename Tag button; tap it. Select one of the refilled names, or enter a custom name. You’ll also have the option of using an emoji as its icon that’s placed on the map. 

You can change AirTag owners when needed. 

Sarah Tew

Remove an AirTag from your Apple ID

Apple designed its AirTags to be linked to one Apple ID, and there’s currently no way to share a tag with other members of your Family Sharing group. That means if you helpfully set up a tag for use with your partner’s car keys, that tag is tied to your Apple ID and not your partner’s, so your partner won’t be able to track down the tag if it’s lost or interact with it at all — you’ll have to do it for them. 

To fix that, you’ll need to remove the AirTag from your account so they can pair it with theirs. 

Open the Find My app, select the Items tab, tap the tag you want to remove and swipe up on the drawer at the bottom of the screen. All the way at the bottom is a button labeled Remove Item followed by Remove. The AirTag can beep in order to let you know it’s been removed and is ready to be set up by another user. 

Press and turn on the silver cap to remove the battery. 

Sarah Tew

How to change a good AirTag’s battery

You don’t have to charge your AirTag, nor do you have to throw it away once the battery dies. Instead, after about a year of daily use (which is how long each AirTag should last according to Apple), you can replace the battery in under 30 seconds.

You should start receiving alerts on your iPhone as the battery gets low, up to a month before it actually dies, so you’ll have plenty of time to prepare. 

The AirTag uses a CR2032 battery, which can be found pretty much anywhere that sells batteries. 

Swap the battery out by pushing in and twisting the silver back — the side with the Apple logo on it — about a quarter turn to the left. Remove the old battery, after that place the new battery in the AirTag’s housing with the positive “+” side up. 

Replace the back by pressing in and turning it a quarter turn to the right. You may have to fiddle with it a bit to get it lined up properly. The AirTag will play a sound to let a person know it has turned back on.

Still on the particular fence about Apple’s AirTag? Make sure to read our hands-on with the particular devices. If you’re a Tile user, here’s how AirTag and Tile compare.

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