Apple Considers Android A 'Massive Tracking Device' As Details Of Google's Antitrust Trial Surface

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It's not a surprise that Google and Apple do not get along the method other business do, and there is absolutely nothing incorrect with it. Both business have actually assisted each other grow, particularly with Android and iOS being 2 of the most significant rivals. It now appears that the Cupertino giant when thought about Android "a huge tracking gadget."

Apple and Google are 2 of the greatest rivals, and they may not get along with each other

The info has actually been given the light with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) publishing brand-new exhibitions from the continuous Google antitrust trial, and among the exhibitions occurs to be an internal discussion connected to an e-mail that was sent out by Apple's Eddy Cue to Tim Cook back in 2013.

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The Apple discussion generally speaks about how the business is taking on Google when it concerns personal privacy. There is another slide in the discussion where Apple describes how its method to personal privacy is merely much better than what Google is doing. The business discusses how it integrates information throughout services just when it guarantees much better customer care in return, while Google integrates information throughout all services regardless. There are other examples demonstrating how Google's voice search is basically connected to the user's Google account, while Siri's user information is just restricted to the digital assistant.

This discussion became part of Apple's SVP Eddy Cue's testament in the Google antitrust trial in September. The online search engine giant is implicated by the DOJ of monopolizing the online search engine market by cutting unique handle gadget makers so it can be the default online search engine on their gadgets. We formerly spoke about how Google pays Apple anywhere from $18-$20 billion a year so it can stay the dominant online search engine on the iPhones.

DOJ even questioned Cue back in September about the revenue-sharing arrangement in between Apple and Google. The majority of the testament was concealed in the sealed courtroom, so we can not actually be sure about what else was talked about.

The discovery ought to not truly come as a surprise to anybody given that Apple and Google have actually been taking on each other for the longest time, and such competitions are rather typical in the tech area. The reality is that it does not matter whether you have an Android or an iPhone, our phones are tracking gadgets in our pockets, and there is a lot information that we have actually shown business and apps that we do not even utilize any longer.

News Source: U.S. Department of Justice

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