Apple heard your iOS 17 End call button redesign issues and changed it

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I was wrong a couple of days back when I informed you the newest iPhone controversy was here to stay which Apple wouldn't alter it. Apple obviously heard your issues about the iOS 17 End call button redesign and acted accordingly. But I was also ideal total. The new call redesign is undoubtedly here to stay due to the fact that iOS 17 will literally put Contact Posters front and center.

What Apple did was to alter the location of that End call button to much better address muscle memory-related concerns.

Before iOS 17, the call user interface had a tidy button design. You had 2 rows of buttons in the center and a red End call button listed below them, in a central position.

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( )blogherads. defineSlot(' medrec ',' gpt-dsk-ros-mid-article-uid0' )setTargeting(' pos', [" mid-article"," mid-article1"]. setSubAdUnitPath (" ros);. A couple of days earlier, the web was buzzing with noise about the modification to the UI above. The iPhone's End call button would be put on the best side in the 2nd row of buttons come iOS 17. The other buttons would likewise get a reshuffle of sorts. I then recalled at the WWDC 2023 announcement and spotted the real reason Apple went for the change.

Apple showcased completion call button redesign while demoing Contact Posters( see images above and below). These visual identifiers will inform you who is calling. They'll be personalized, and they'll use up the whole display. You can't have buttons on top of someone's face, it ruins the whole concept.

 A slide from Apple's iOS 17 Contact Posters section reveals the new End button UI redesign. That made me recognize that Apple's iOS 17 End call button redesign would not disappear no matter the backlash. , if there would be one.. I don't care where that red button is, I'll constantly know what to tap to end a call. Apple simply

launched iOS 17 beta 6, which brings the brand-new call button design. Completion call button sits centrally in the second row of buttons, as MacRumors discovered. It switched locations with the keypad button, which is now on the right.

This easy modification must attend to concerns that your muscle memory will make you tap other buttons when ending a call than the End call one. However, and I'll repeat this, completion button is the just one with an unique identity in there.

It's red. That's enough to offer you a huge target, no matter what your muscle memory is informing you. Not to point out that lots of people most likely hang up hire other methods. I'm most likely to wear earphones when talking on the phone, so that's what I'll use to end the call. The standby/power button on the side also works fantastic for that purpose.

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<script type="application);. Ideally, we can put the End call button problem to rest now.
I'm quite sure Apple won't let

you disable Contact Posters so you can get back the previous call screen UI. However, if given the opportunity, I 'd have no problem shutting off Contact Posters on iPhone. Do not Miss: People need to stop panicking about the iPhone 15 needing unique USB-C cable televisions

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