Apple Rumored To Retain The M14 OLED For Two Generations, iPhone 16 And iPhone 17 To Sport Similar Display Materials

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There were whispers that Apple would embrace the advanced M14 OLED products for the iPhone 15 lineup, offering all 4 designs enhanced qualities when it concerned panel innovation. According to the newest report, the newest household includes the M12 screen, with the M14 anticipated to be embraced for 2 generations, beginning with the iPhone 16 and ending with the iPhone 17.

The M14 OLED innovation is most likely to be embraced for 2 generations as Apple wants to conserve expenses when it pertains to the iPhone 16 and iPhone 17

In the most recent report, Revegnus mentions that with the iPhone 16 and iPhone 17, Apple plans to embrace the M14 OLED display screen, providing benefits over the competitors. The tipster has actually not discussed where he came across this details, however it will not be unexpected for the California-based giant to keep the very same panel innovation for 2 iPhone generations.

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For something, there might not be any critical distinctions or benefits in between M14 and M15, though the expense might be substantially greater, or Apple wants to save money on unneeded costs and use those resources on other higher-end elements. For those who do not understand, the terms M12, M13, and M14 describe the red, green, and blue pixel's dopant, host, and prime aspects in OLED screens, with each model enhancing color recreation, precision, brightness, and power effectiveness.

The iPhone 15 includes the M12 innovation, and with the iPhone 16 and iPhone 17 getting dealt with to the M14, we can anticipate the abovementioned enhancements. In a previous 'Bill of Materials' report, it was discovered that the iPhone 15 Pro Max expenses $37.7 more than the iPhone 14 Pro Max to make, with cost savings originating from the DRAM, flash memory, and screen. By utilizing an M12 OLED panel rather of an M13 one, Apple might have conserved greatly on the screen location, though a near-$40 boost is still considerable, thinking about the innovation giant is approximated to produce the iPhone 15 Pro Max in the millions.

Undoubtedly, the iPhone 16 and iPhone 17 are anticipated to deliver with even much better internal specs, and utilizing the M14 OLED rather of M15 might enable Apple to designate its resources towards standardizing a much better electronic camera system, an enhanced A-series silicon, or a more robust Titanium shell. Keep in mind that there is no method of confirming Revegnus' claims or where he even got this details from, so we suggest readers treat this report with a pinch of salt for now.

News Source: Revegnus

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