Apple Will Launch a Low-Cost, More Affordable Version of The MacBook Next Year to Compete Against Chromebooks

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Apple launched the new 15-inch MacBook Air at its WWDC event in June with an M2 chip and a bigger display. While the design was pretty much identical to the 13-inch variant, it was priced higher. The higher cost of the machine made users choose the smaller version. Now, it is being reported that Apple is working on a new ‘low-cost’ or budget MacBook model which will potentially see daylight next year.

Apple to launch low-cost MacBook next year to take on Chromebooks

Almost all laptop manufacturers offer a Chromebook designed specifically for school or tasks that do not require raw power. Apple, on the other hand, does not have a product in its MacBook lineup that offers similar interest to users. While the iPad is the perfect alternative to a Chromebook, it is not a laptop. Apple does sell Magic Keyboard cases for the iPad that allow the tablet to behave like a laptop. With that said Apple could be working to introduce a product that sits between the iPad and the Mac. DigiTimes reports that the company will launch the low-cost MacBook next year but no further details have been heard.

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One of the main concerns with the iPad is not the hardware. Users have been wanting an iPad with macOS for a long time, or a hybrid of iPadOS and macOS. Apple has a lot of options in this regard if it aims to introduce a MacBook to compete better against Chromebooks. Either Apple could offer a toned-down version of macOS on the low-cost MacBook or it could offer iPadOS-like interface on the machine. The prior option seems viable as iPadOS on a laptop is pretty similar to an iPad attached to a Magic Keyboard.

The source suggests that Apple’s low-cost MacBook will still feature a metal build with a material different than that of the current MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. The budget MacBook will potentially be made of cheaper materials to keep the cost low and affordable. MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models are gradually seeing price hikes. Apple could lose some customers based on price alone and this is one of the reasons why a budget MacBook makes sense.

As for the operating system and additional details, no further information has been shared. The company could offer basic features of macOS similar to how Chromebook offers features that are not oriented toward power users. Take note that it is too early to draw conclusions as the final word rests with Apple. We will keep you guys updated as soon as further details are available.

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