Armored Core 6 Co-Op Mod in the Works From the Creator of the Popular Elden Ring 'Seamless Co-Op' Mod

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An Armored Core 6 co-op mod is presently in the works from the modder that brought you a comparable mod for Elden Ring.

Back in April of in 2015, we reported on the 'Seamless Co-op' adjustment for Elden Ring from modder 'LukeYui'. This mod enabled gamers to play Elden Ring co-operatively with good friends without limitations. This mod got a public beta back in May of in 2015, and following its public release, it has actually ended up being the most popular mod for FromSoftware's hit title with over 2.6 million downloads through Nexusmods.

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Quick forward more than a year, and the developer of this extremely popular mod has actually now validated that he's dealing with a comparable mod for Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon. The modder revealed the news on YouTube by means of a newly launched work-in-progress video (thanks VG247). There's no ETA on when the 'smooth co-op' mod for Armored Core 6 will be launched, however the modder discusses that it's presently in alpha state. The brand-new video displays a two-player run of the "Attack the Watchpoint" objective, however the mod will enable 6 gamers to play co-operatively with one gamer functioning as host. The host will pick the objective.

"Enemy scaling is not present in this construct however it will be on release", the modder composes. "The host will have the ability to change the trouble per extra gamer. All objectives are playable in co-op and your celebration continues in between objectives indicating you do not need to keep re-connecting."

We've consisted of the brand-new video flaunting the alpha variation of the mod listed below:

As stated, a release frame for the mod hasn't been supplied right now, however we'll upgrade you as quickly as more info about it can be found in.

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon was launched back in August of this year throughout PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Here's what we discussed the video game in our launch evaluation at that time:

"Some of my preferred battles were the air conditioner battles, where managing 2 enemies at the same time effectively makes the gamer air conditioning seem like an invulnerable war hero right before an offscreen railgun shot or charged melee breaks the gamer's stability", we composed. "FromSoftware has actually made no concessions in scaling the scale and speed of a/c fight far above and beyond even the most energetic of Sekiro encounters. Balancing 4 various weapons, 360 degrees of movement, and keeping an eye on the stagger assesses of both opponent and gamer is a lot to handle and might overwhelm the Armored Core beginner, however they'll be happily rewarded with a few of the best gameplay in a mecha action title in years."

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