ASUS Demos RTX 4060 Ti GPU With M. 2 Slot Running Gen5 NVMe SSDs & Even An RTX 4090 As An eGPU

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ASUS's distinct Dual RTX 4060 Ti GPU including an M. 2 SSD slot is lastly offered for sale and the business has actually demoed it with a few of the fastest Gen5 storage gadgets and even ran an RTX 4090 off of it which was being run as an eGPU.

ASUS's Dual RTX 4060 Ti With M. 2 Slots Gives Users A Range of Options To Convert Unused PCIe Lanes Into Additional Connectivity Options

ASUS's General Manager, Tony Yu, who is likewise notoriously called Uncle Tony for his online existence at Bilbili has actually shown the most recent GPU offering which loads a great deal of intriguing abilities if you believe somewhat out of package.

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Back in July, ASUS exposed an idea design of the GeForce RTX 4060 Ti GPU which used an M. 2 port that might be utilized to run a storage gadget from the GPU. The business had actually done that by making use of the unused PCIe lanes, because the GeForce RTX 4060 Ti graphics cards with AD106 GPUs just use 8 PCIe lanes which suggests that AIBs utilizing a complete x16 slot have an extra x8 lanes. M. 2 SSDs make use of the PCIe x4 user interface and it makes ideal sense to install SSD slots on the PCB of the card.

You may question the possible advantages of a devoted PCIe slot on the GPU. Well, who does not like utilizing more storage gadgets for your PC, plus it permits you to switch out SSDs more quickly if you have actually installed them on the GPU. The preliminary screening exposed by ASUS reveals that by utilizing your SSD on the GPU itself, there isn't any sort of efficiency destruction and thermal dissipation likewise appears to be really good with even Gen5 SSDs sustaining around 50C temperatures under complete load which reveals that the concept is market-ready, and now it will be intriguing to see how the typical customer responds to it.

Apart from the concept of installing an SSD, Tony went one action ahead to connect a full-on GPU to the M. 2 slot. The GPU linked was none aside from ASUS's Evangelion GeForce RTX 4090, among the most effective and special 4090 variations in the market, however to our surprise, it exercised simply fine. The factor for that is due to the fact that the 4060 Ti's M. 2 slot had the ability to transform the x8 lanes into a Gen5 x4 link and given that the 40 series is just Gen 4.0 certified, even high-end cards must mainly work great under a Gen4 x8 (Gen5 x4) link.

This was simply an enjoyable little presentation by Tony for users who might wish to utilize the additional lanes as a prolonged eGPU or riser slot for a different card on an al fresco SFF custom-build job. Plus, you aren't bound to utilize simply GPUs as one can gear up other AICs too.

While the idea behind having an M. 2 slot within a GPU looks interesting on paper, it does come at a minor premium with the ASUS RTX 4060 Ti M. 2 Dual being used for around $500-$550 United States which is $100-$150 United States more than the 4060 Ti 8 GB version. With that stated, we wish to see more practices being standardized in future items as that would eventually result in reduce expenses and ideally, a greater adoption rate.

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