ASUS Readies A Flood of Custom Radeon RX 7800 XT & RX 7700 XT GPUs

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ASUS has plans to go all out with AMD’s Navi 32 GPUs as the company has listed 64 variants under the Radeon RX 7800 XT & RX 7700 XT lineup.

ASUS Plans Several Different SKUs For Navi 32 GPUs Featuring ROG STRIX  & Newer ProArt Variants For Radeon RX 7800 XT & RX 7700 XT Series

This development comes from an EEC filing, which discloses that ASUS has filed several variants for AMD’s newly released Radeon RX 7800 XT & RX 7700 XT GPUs. The listed models are divided into four different categories, representing models with variable clock speeds (OC vs. non-OC). Moreover, there is also a mention of the “Top” category, which hints at the fact that ASUS plans on releasing higher-end variants of Navi 32 GPUs as well, preferably under the ROG STRIX lineup.

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Before you get your hopes high, it is important to note that the listing doesn’t mean that ASUS will 100% release all of the 64 models but most of these models may appear at some point. Videocardz points out that the listing is probably a case of “future-proofing” the lineup since ASUS can release the models anytime they want, depending upon the industry’s needs. It is, however, prompting to see the listing in the first place, since it shows that AIB partners are dedicated to making AMD GPUs competitive in terms of providing an extensive range of options to consumers.

An interesting fact about the filing is the mention of “white” ProArt AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT & RX 7700 XT GPUs, which hasn’t been seen before. ASUS’s ProArt variants are generally targeted to a minimalistic audience, with a focus on fine-tuned noise outputs which is a metric that matters to professionals and content creators. A white variant of the ProArt would definitely make a well-rounded lineup, since generally white models are scarce in the market, both in NVIDIA and AMD’s camps.

ASUS hasn’t specified which models would actually see the light. The company has so far released just TUF Gaming variants of the two Navi 32 GPUs.

News Source: Videocardz

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