ASUS’s Cableless GPU Power Connector Delivers Up To 600W But Proprietary In Nature

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ASUS has actually even more detailed its cableless GPU power adapters for video gaming GPUs that can provide up to 600W of power, changing the 12VHPWR style.

ASUS’s Revolutionary Yet Proprietary “GC-HPWR” Connector Comes With A Cableless Design But Needs Adoption To Really Kick Off

ASUS has actually launched in-depth files of its brand-new cableless power adapter, which exposes the working system and some fascinating truths. For those who are uninformed, back at Computex 2023, we got our very first take a look at the GC-HPWR adapter included on an ASUS RTX 40 GPU & a Z790 motherboard in unique protection.

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More just recently, at the Bilibili World occasion, ASUS as soon as again revealed its brand-new graphics cards with a more completed style and validated that they will be entering into mass production later on this year. The documents released exposes that the brand-new adapter holds tremendous capacity, capable of even providing the GeForce RTX 4090 appropriate power output.


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