Atari Acquires Digital Eclipse to Bolster Its Retro-Focused Strategy

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This early morning, Atari revealed it had actually reached a contract to get Digital Eclipse, the Californian video game designer concentrated on the digital conservation of traditional videogames. Following the acquisition of Nightdive Studios previously this year, it's another action in Atari's retro-focused technique.

Because its reformation in 2015, Digital Eclipse has actually launched the following video games:

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Wade Rosen, Chairman and CEO of Atari, stated of the acquisition:

Digital Eclipse is the very best on the planet at what they do. They have a deep love and regard for the history of the video games market and are renowned for establishing seriously well-known tasks based upon historical franchises. Digital Eclipse, together with Nightdive, remain in best positioning with Atari's DNA and restored function. I'm personally thrilled to see where we can press the limits of retro development together.

For its part, Digital Eclipse resolved its fans with a devoted article:

Why?We're a little studio with huge dreams. Atari is a famous publisher with a brand-new spirit. We enjoyed dealing with Atari 50 together. We comprehend each other. This appeared like an excellent method for both companies to achieve a great deal of our future objectives much better and much faster together.

Digital Eclipse will still have the flexibility to pursue non-Atari IPs, and in reality, the designer stated it currently has a number of such unannounced jobs.

To acquire the studio, Atari will pay $6.5 million at closure and approximately an extra $13.5 million over the 10 years based upon Digital Eclipse's future efficiency.

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