Beautiful Upcoming Skyrim Special Edition Apotheosis Expansion Mod Receives Lengthy Teaser Trailer

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The upcoming enthusiastic Skyrim Special Edition Apotheosis growth mod has gotten a lengthy new trailer.

A few of you may remember this mod from some years earlier. In 2017, we currently reported on this upcoming DLC-sized mod for the basic version of Skyrim. The team behind the job has now released a new teaser trailer for the fan expansion along with validating that the mod is slated for a release on PC in 2025. Not just has the group validated its new release frame, but it has likewise been revealed that the mod is now in advancement for Skyrim Special Edition rather of the basic variation of The Elder Scrolls V. In addition, the ambitious growth has received a new website, which can be accessed here. You can find the new Apotheosis developer update that includes the new teaser trailer below. We’ve likewise consisted of some great-looking screenshots. More screenshots can be discovered on the mod’s website as linked above.


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