BenQ GP500 review: Performing like a dream

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BenQ has actually developed itself as a top-tier player in the projector area. Over the past few years, the business has actually built struck after hit, in both the portable projector world, and the high-end projector world. However to an extent, there's some crossover there-- and that's exactly where the BenQ GP500 comes in.

While more portable than some other 4K projectors, the GP500 still isn't low-cost. At $1,700, there's a lots of competitors-- and some of it is rather strong. How does the BenQ GP500 carry out? I've been using it to learn.

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The BenQ GP500 projector features a big, cube-like style that is both trendy and functional. With dimensions of 10.2 × 10.5 × 7.2 inches, this projector has a clean, white build that must fit fantastic in any living room or home theater. The front of the unit offers a speaker grille that runs the length of the projector. The lens is also situated at the front.

BenQ GP500 Side

On the top of the projector, users will find a hassle-free zoom dial along with an assortment of controls for easy operation. These consist of buttons for power, volume, and Bluetooth connection. The back of the BenQ GP500 houses a variety of ports to accommodate different multimedia gadgets. Amongst these are an audio output, 2 HDMI 2.0 ports( among which is an ARC port

), and 2 USB ports, supplying users with a flexible variety of connectivity alternatives. One distinct element of the BenQ GP500 is its removable top, which exposes a slot for the consisted of BenQ QS01 streaming stick. While it's rather perplexing that the projector does not come with Android TV built-in, the style option to conceal the streaming stick within the unit itself is a thoughtful touch. This not just keeps the projector's streamlined appearance, but also ensures that users can enjoy a large range of streaming content without the clutter of additional external gadgets.

BenQ GP500 Remote

BenQ GP500 Remote The remote control accompanying the BenQ GP500 projector is thoughtfully created with a main concentrate on managing the software application. Boasting a comfortable size and instinctive layout, the remote consists of directional buttons for easy navigation through the projector's settings and menus. In addition, it features a Google Assistant button for voice-activated commands, allowing users to use their voice to browse, find out information from the web, and control smart house gadgets. Volume controls and other vital buttons are also included on the remote.

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. setTargeting(' pos', [" mid-article"," mid-article2"]. setSubAdUnitPath (" ros);. BenQ GP500 features The BenQ GP500 projector comes with an array of remarkable features that make it a pleasure to use. One significant addition is the Android television dongle, which grants easy access to a wide range of streaming choices, changing the projector into a flexible entertainment center. Installing Android television is straightforward, so you'll be enjoying your favorite content in no time.

Browsing the Android television interface on the BenQ GP500 is quite basic, with a row of apps followed by rows of material from various apps. This layout makes it simple to find and select what you wish to see. Although Android TV on projectors is known for not having Netflix easily available on the Google Play Store, you can still access it through the BenQ App Manager, guaranteeing you don't lose out on any popular programs. It's a little a workaround, however it works fine.

BenQ GP500 Ports

< img decoding=" async" loading= "lazy "width =" 2000" height =" 1125" src= "" alt=" BenQ GP500 Ports" class =" is-wp-image-block wp-image-6088752 "srcset= " 2000w, 150w, 300w, 768w, 1024w, 1536w, 190w, 260w, 360w, 380w, 389w, 510w, 520w, 600w, 720w, 778w, 1020w, 75w" sizes="( max-width: 2000px) 100vw, 2000px" > An intriguing feature of the BenQ GP500 projector is its ability to act as a 360-degree Bluetooth speaker. While it might not be the

main factor for buying the projector, it's a valuable addition that permits you to take pleasure in premium sound, whether you're enjoying a film, playing a video game, or listening to music. We'll get more into the audio quality later on. In regards to image-related features, the BenQ GP500 has plenty to provide too. It boasts an exceptional autofocus function that ensures images are clear and constantly sharp without the requirement for manual adjustments. Furthermore, the user-friendly keystone change allows for ideal image geometry, guaranteeing the very best possible viewing experience regardless of the room setup.

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., [300,251]]. setLazyLoadMultiplier( 2).;.);. BenQ GP500 performance When it pertains to the BenQ GP500 projector, efficiency is of the utmost importance, and it certainly delivers because department. The projector supplies an excellent viewing experience, making it a top option for both avid and casual users.

BenQ GP500 Software

 BenQ GP500 Software The GP500 is a standard-throw projector that makes use of pixel shift innovation to accomplish 4K resolution. Equipped with a 4LED light, it boasts a 1500 ANSI lumen brightness, which is quite outstanding. This mix of

features leads to dynamic colors and a brilliant image. The 4K resolution ensures a crisp image, making both HDR and SDR material appearance great on the screen. While the overall photo quality is outstanding, there is one minor disadvantage to think about. The projector doesn't produce a remarkable amount of contrast, and a greater level would have further enhanced the seeing experience. However, this imperfection does not substantially detract from the projector's efficiency. Usually, the BenQ GP500 offers exceptional image quality, making it a beneficial choice for those looking for a superior house theater projector.

BenQ GP500 audio

The BenQ GP500 doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, and obviously, you can use the speaker with the projector itself. Maybe slightly surprisingly, the speakers are really quite great. They're not unbelievable, and if you have the space or the budget plan for better speakers, it's most likely worth purchasing them. However in a pinch, the audio quality is great enough for enjoying movies, TV programs, and so on.

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BenQ GP500 Logo

 BenQ GP500 Logo Generally speaking, the speakers have a good frequency variety. There is some bass there. However, it's certainly not the strength of the speakers. The bass is great enough for a lot of circumstances, but there isn't a lots of extension to it. The mids aren't bad either, with a mostly flat mid reaction, save for a slight bump in the high mids. Highs resemble the bass in that they sound fine, however there isn't a lots of extension to them, meaning that you won't get a ton of information or clarity.

Much of this is quibbling, however. Once again, if you have an area or spending plan for better speakers, it's worth buying them. But that's not to say that the speakers sound bad.


At this cost, the BenQ GP500 is among the best projectors out there. It's not cheap-- at $1,800, the projector needs to show itself. However it does. It produces exceptional image quality, with bright colors and a detailed photo. And it boasts a range of functions that make it even more useful than others.

The competitors

Truthfully, at this cost, the BenQ GP500 is maybe the best projector out there. If you're trying to find a basic throw projector at around $2,000 or less, then this is most likely the method to go.

Should I buy the BenQ GP500?

Yes. It's an outstanding projector in its price range.

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