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Reporters were able in order to track down US President Joe Biden’s Venmo account within 10 minutes of searching on the particular payments app, BuzzFeed News reported Friday. Calling this a national security problem, BuzzFeed News said this was able to find the president’s network associated with contacts on Venmo, which includes his children, grandchildren plus senior White House officials.

Many of the accounts had been taken down after BuzzFeed News reached out in order to the White House, it documented. None from the president’s dealings were public, but Venmo users have friend listings usually composed of phone connections that are automatically openly accessible.

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“President Biden’s transactions were not open public and had fewer compared to 10 friends on Venmo,” BuzzFeed News documented Friday. “But he has been easily verifiable given the particular people he was linked to, including an accounts that are for his spouse, First Lady Jill Biden. Jill Biden’s account, within turn, was linked in order to various aides, senior Biden staffers and loved ones, which includes an account that seems in order to be for Hunter Biden.”

Venmo and the White House didn’t immediately respond to a request for remark.

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