Bluesound Pulse M review: Taking on Sonos

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Multi-room audio is much easier to access than ever, and Sonos is presently the go-to choice for many. Sonos’ latest speakers, the Era 100 and Era 300, cement the business as the present champ for those who desire a great-sounding speaker in their house. However that’s not to state there isn’t some major competition– and the Bluesound Pulse M leverages Bluesound’s experience in the arena to provide some things that Sonos does not have.

However as mentioned, the Bluesound Pulse M has to do a lot to secure the king. How well does the speaker complete? I’ve been using it for a while now to discover.

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    =” async” loading=” lazy “srcset= “ 221w, 104w, 207w, 29w” sizes=”( max-width: 221px) 100vw, 221px” > BGR may get a commission Pros Sleek design Outstanding audio quality Great function set Cons Costly Amazon $ 449 Bluesound Pulse M style The Bluesound Pulse M cordless speaker is a smooth and stylish device and would make a great addition to any room. Its design is visually enticing, with a contemporary look that will fit in with any decoration.

    The speaker is taller and larger than the Sonos Era 100 and HomePod. However, it’s not too big, so most people need to have the ability to discover a spot to put it in their homes. The fabric covering the leading half of the speaker offers it a friendly appearance that will make it feel at home in any room, and it’s coupled with the Bluesound logo design at the bottom of the speaker. Overall, the style of the Bluesound Pulse M cordless speaker is attractive and modern, and it makes sure

    Bluesound Pulse M Controls

    to impress anyone who sees it. Bluesound Pulse M Controls One of the excellent features of the Bluesound Pulse M wireless speaker is the selection of ports on the back. These include an Ethernet port, USB port, earphone jack, and aux input.

    This great choice of ports makes the speaker more versatile, allowing it to be utilized in a variety of various ways. This is particularly helpful for individuals who wish to connect the speaker to a variety of different gadgets, such as a TV or computer system. The touch manages on the top of the speaker are also simple to utilize. The volume slider is more instinctive than volume buttons and permits users to adjust the volume rapidly and quickly.

    The touch controls are a great addition to the design of the speaker, as they make it simple to control the device without having to fiddle around with switches or buttons. Overall, the design of the Bluesound Pulse M cordless speaker is both stylish and functional, making it a great option for anybody looking for a premium wireless speaker that likewise takes place to look terrific.< div id=" gpt-ros-mid-article2-uid1" class =" adw-300 adh-250" data-is-adhesion-ad

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  • Bluesound Pulse M includes

    The Bluesound Pulse M wireless speaker boasts an outstanding series of features that accommodate various user choices and improve the general listening experience.

    Possibly the most significant feature is its assistance for high-resolution audio, which is essential for audiophiles seeking the first-rate noise reproduction. The speaker handles a large selection of audio formats, including popular options like FLAC, MQA, WAV, AIFF, and MPEG lossless formats. With a native tasting rate of as much as 192kHz, the Pulse M provides audio performance that far goes beyond CD quality, making it an essential for discerning music enthusiasts.

    Bluesound Pulse M Ports

     Bluesound Pulse M Ports In addition to its outstanding audio abilities, the Pulse M likewise provides an extensive choice of wise features that raise its functionality and compatibility with numerous devices and streaming services. Users can enjoy smooth integration with AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, and Roon Ready, offering a wide range of streaming options. Nevertheless, it deserves noting that the speaker lacks Google Cast support, which might be a downside for those in Google’s ecosystem.

    While the Pulse M does not have a built-in voice assistant, it still uses compatibility with Alexa Skills and Actions on Google, permitting users to control the speaker through their existing clever house ecosystem. This makes sure that the Pulse M can be quickly integrated into homes with voice-controlled automation systems, despite the absence of an onboard voice assistant.

    blogherads.adq.push( function( )div>

    ., [300,251]]. setLazyLoadMultiplier( 2).;.);. The accompanying Bluesound app, while functional, can be somewhat complicated at times, especially for novice users. The app enables users to modify speaker settings, set up groups, and manage other aspects of the speaker’s efficiency. Although the app’s interface is rather bare-bones, I found myself counting on their default streaming apps and AirPlay 2 for a more intuitive and familiar experience. Nonetheless, the Bluesound Pulse M’s thorough function set makes it a strong contender in the cordless speaker market.

    Bluesound Pulse M sound

    The main focus of the Bluesound Pulse M wireless speaker is its exceptional audio quality, which sets it apart from lots of competitors in the market. While the device might not use the same range of smart functions as some alternatives, its remarkable noise performance more than makes up for this compromise. Unlike the new Sonos Era 300, the Pulse M does not support surround formats like Dolby Atmos; however, this speaker is tailored towards those who prioritize audio fidelity over immersive audio experiences.

    Bluesound Pulse M Logo

     Bluesound Pulse M Logo The bass action of the Pulse M is especially noteworthy, supplying a robust and powerful low-end existence that improves the listening experience. The speaker attains an impressive bass extension, enabling kick drums and bass guitars to sound powerful and deep without overpowering the general audio mix. This well-balanced bass recreation guarantees a satisfying listening experience across various music genres.

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    . setTargeting(‘ pos’, [” mid-article”,” mid-articleX”]. setSubAdUnitPath(” ros);. The midrange frequencies are skillfully tuned in the Pulse M, using a pleasing balance between low and high mids. The low mid response is full and abundant, while the high midrange displays a subtle scoop that helps develop a more spacious sound. This meticulous tuning delivers a engaging and well-rounded audio presentation that will thrill discerning listeners.

    High-frequency reproduction is another area in which the Pulse M excels, supplying extraordinary clarity and information that contribute to a dynamic and exciting audio experience. Although the speaker may not be as sparkly as some of its competitors, the level of information it accomplishes is still excellent.


    The Bluesound Pulse M has a lot going for it. It’s well-designed, has the best features for a large portion of users, and sounds exceptional. As discussed, nevertheless, it also deals with a lots of competitors– but if you’re just looking for a great-sounding speaker and either currently use, or do not mind utilizing, the BlueOS app, then the Pulse M is worth purchasing.

    The competition

    The biggest competition in this space comes from Sonos, with the new Era 100 and Era 300. Eventually, I discover the audio quality of both the Era 300 and the Pulse M to be excellent, and you can’t fail with either of them. If you’re in Sonos’ ecosystem already, you should get the Era 300, however if you aren’t, or currently utilize BlueOS, then the Pulse M is the way to go.

    Should I buy the Bluesound Pulse M?

    Yes. It’s an excellent-sounding speaker overall.

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