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Bossa Studios’ Luke Williams on striving for innovation & multiplatform development

We spoke with the Lead Designer at Bossa Studios to learn more about the company’s work.

Bossa Studios is most known for its work in the Surgeon Simulator series and I Am Fish, but the company actually had some humble beginnings designing games for the Facebook platform back in the early 2010s. The developer has come quite far since then, and we caught up with Bossa Studios’ Lead Designer to talk more about the process of it all.

Shacknews Head of Video Greg Burke sat down for a chat about game development with Luke Williams, the Lead Designer at Bossa Studios. During the interview, the two discuss the world of video game development, particularly the differences in creating games for Facebook vs traditional consoles and platforms like the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. One of the biggest changes over the last several years that Williams discusses is the integration of crossplay.

“I think there came a point where the demand was there… the platform-holders were quite resistant to cross-play [at-first]. They were like ‘no, we want our own walled-off garden, we don’t want other console players in our space, or other mobile players in our space.’” In recent years, cross-play has finally become commonplace in multiplayer games, and it’s a big element in the games developed at Bossa Studios.

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