Bungie wins $489K from player for racist harassment of employee

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Artist's conception of Bungie hitting Comer with nearly half a million dollars of damages for harassing their employee.

 Artist's conception of Bungie striking Comer with nearly half a million dollars of damages for bothering their staff member. A Washington state judge has issued a$ 489,000 default judgment versus a West Virginia guy who sustained an extended and targeted harassment campaign against a Destiny 2 community manager. Beyond the direct victory for Bungie and its employee, though, the case sets a brand-new legal precedent for business seeking to recover expenditures connected to comparable harassment of their staffers.

This isn't the first time Bungie has actually needed to go to court to protect its staff members from harassment. Last year, the business submitted suit versus serial cheater Luca Leone who teased and threatened Bungie employees while repeatedly averting attempted bans from the game. That case continues to limp towards trial in the middle of dueling affidavits and movements.

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