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Can you get Eggs in Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

Let’s see if Pokemon Legends: Arceus features Pokemon Eggs of any kind.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus does a lot of new things for the Pokemon franchise, but that means leaving some old elements behind. As players adventure through Hisui, they’ll probably wonder if there’s a Nursery that allows them to breed Pokemon and receive Eggs. Let’s do some investigating into whether that’s possible in the newest game.

Can you get Eggs in Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

No, you cannot get Eggs in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Past games allowed players to breed Pokemon, producing an egg that would hatch an offspring that shared the attributes of its parents. Despite it being a long-time staple of the franchise, there are no Pokemon Eggs in Legends: Arceus.

In past games, you would breed two Pokemon and receive an egg by dropping them off at a Nursery. There are no Nurseries in the Hisui Region. There is a pasture, where you leave your Pokemon to be looked after by a caretaker, but this just serves as a way to store your creatures.

The absence of Pokemon Eggs in Pokemon Legends: Arceus has a lot of implications. One, players cannot breed for favorable stats as they have in previous games. Instead, you’ll have to continuously catch the species you want on your team. It also means that the Masuda Method is no longer a viable Shiny-hunting option, as breeding two Pokemon from different regions has always been a way to double shiny odds.

It will likely disappoint long-time fans that there are no Eggs in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. It’s not the only staple feature that’s gone, as Pokemon Abilities and Held Items are also absent from the game. Either way, make sure you stay with Shacknews for all of your Pokemon Legends: Arceus needs.