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Can you unlock the Repulsor in the Campaign in Halo Infinite?

The Repulsor is a popular new item in Halo Infinite, but is it available in Campaign?

Halo Infinite introduces a lot of new mechanics into the classic arena shooter formula. This includes the Repulsor, a new ability that players can pick up in multiplayer. With the ability to send enemies flying and deflect projectiles, players will want to know if they can use the Repulsor in the Halo Infinite Campaign.

Can you unlock the Repulsor in the Halo Infinite Campaign?

Unfortunately, you can not get the Repulsor in the Halo Infinite Campaign. There are several vehicles and gadgets to play around with in that sandbox, but the Repulsor is not one of them. The Repulsor is exclusive to Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer component, so you’ll have to use other means to send those grunts flying away.

The Repulsor isn’t the only Multiplayer ability that can’t be found in Campaign. Overshield and Invisibility are also not available in the Campaign. Although there’s no Repulsor, you can find a number of different vehicles and unique weapons around Zeta Halo to tinker around with. Mode exclusivity is a two-way street, as there are several items found in the Campaign that are exclusive to that mode.

Now that you know the Repulsor can not be found in Campaign, you don’t have to stress about spending hours looking for it. If you’re embarking on Master Chief’s latest adventure with Halo Infinite, then you’ll want to stick around on Shacknews for more insightful guides.