Capture Pokemon while you dream with the new Pokemon Sleep app

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Not adequate time in the day to capture enough animals in Pokemon Go!.?. !? Well, have I got the app for you. This week, Pokemon Sleep launched in the US on iOS and Android. The sleep-tracking app gamifies sleep by rewarding you for being well-rested with a growing collection of Pokemon that collect while you snooze. The better you sleep, the more Pokemon you encounter.

After downloading the app and setting up your account, you'll meet Professor Neroli, who is investigating the sleeping practices of Pokemon. Neroli thinks that Snorlax have a mysterious power that can put other Pokemon to sleep, so he developed a device called the Sleep Synchronizer to amplify their power. Your job is to assist Neroli study the sleep styles of the Pokemon that gather on the island. As you do, you'll fill up your Sleep Style Dex.

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Once he's done explaining the rules, you'll set a target bedtime. Get to bed by that time in order to earn some additional points. When you get in bed, make sure to plug in your phone, place it on your bed mattress next to your pillow, leave the screen on and flip it face down. You can set an alarm, switch on peaceful noises, and end your sleep session at any time. Keep in mind that the session needs to last for at least 90 minutes in order for the app to track it.

If you want a visual demonstration, here's a helpful YouTube video:

< iframe loading= "lazy" class =" youtube-player" src ="" allowfullscreen=" real" style=" border:0;" sandbox=" allow-scripts allow-same-origin allow-popups allow-presentation" > In addition to tracking the quantity of time you slept, Pokemon Sleep will tape-record any noises you made in your sleep and inform you what your sleep type was for that night. Depending on your sleep type, various Pokemon will collect. There are even Shiny Pokemon!

If you're interested, Pokemon Sleep is complimentary to download on the App Store and on Google Play.

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