China Customs Seize 780 Intel CPUs Being Smuggled In a Car Engine

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Smuggling efforts in China have actually taken a remarkable rise this year and by the looks of it, things aren’t stopping here. It is now being reported that China Customs has actually intercepted a private bring 780 Intel processors with a collective worth exceeding $130,000.

Smuggling Attempts in China Have Reached All-Time High, Getting More Profits Being The Primary Reason

In the past, we have reported rather “unusual” smuggling attempts varying from processors being smuggled in a prosthetic tummy to several comparable circumstances. Smugglers are finding distinct methods to unlawfully carry hardware equipment in China, ultimately getting caught in the end. Nevertheless, the latest effort is actually fascinating, since smugglers attempted to conceal Intel processors inside a car engine.

While we can’t talk about the believed process behind this effort, it can be said as a method to deceive customs officers. Officers at Gongbei Port, upon digital images, suspected something fishy which prompted them towards a more extensive examination. Ultimately, the 780 Intel processors being carried were captured, with a combined value being reported at 1 million yuan/ USD $ 137,141. Information relating to particular processors aren’t revealed yet, however it can be hypothesized to be one of the newer “Alder Lake” ones given that breaking down individual costs leads to $175 per processor.

The huge question is, why are smuggling efforts so regular in China? Well, this holds lots of factors, but the main one being is that consumers can get more affordable items through such “grey channels” since they exclude heavy taxation in the regions. In a previous report, we divulged that smuggling efforts in China have actually exceeded the $4 million mark in two years, and we believe it will not stop here unless prompt action is taken.

News Source: Tom’s Hardware

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