Conserve 50% On The Blink 4 5-Camera Security System At Best Buy

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Blink security camera attached to wall

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Here's an unpleasant reminder: The prime shopping season that surrounds Black Friday and the holidays is also the major season for porch pirates. After all, with so many people ordering cool things for themselves and their families, there are going to be a lot of boxes on porches in the next few weeks, which means bad actors with sticky fingers lurking around the corner. 

If you want to protect your home and property, then there's no better time to invest in a home security system. As it so happens, Best Buy has quite the attractive home security offer for its Black Friday sale. Just make sure you keep a keen eye on the front porch until you get the system, of course.

From now until the end of the Black Friday festivities at Best Buy, you can pick up a five-pack of Blink wireless Outdoor 4 security cameras. Normally, five of these high-definition eye-spies would run you $399.99, but during the Black Friday sale, you can get the full pack for 50% off at $199.99.

Put eyes where you need them

Blink app viewing outdoor camera

Blink's Outdoor 4 security cameras are designed to be covertly placed on any solid surface in and out of your home to give you full, 24/7 1080p visual feedback and crisp two-way audio. Each of the five cameras included in this pack can send audio and video to a smartphone with the installed Blink app, which doubles as an intercom.

Each camera has built-in motion detection technology, designed to catch any sudden movements that enter the camera feed and immediately notify you on your phone. Additionally, for those who sign up with a Blink Subscription Plan for enhanced security, you can make use of the cameras' embedded computer vision feature, which automatically detects and identifies human individuals entering the field of view. That subscription plan also allows you to save any video clips captured by your cameras and share them.

The Outdoor 4 cameras are designed to be set-and-forget, with the included AA lithium batteries rated to operate continuously for two years. Since there are five cameras in the pack, you can create a complete perimeter around your home and yard, ensuring that any porch pirates that dare to set foot on your property won't get away with it scot-free.

The Blink Outdoor 4 security camera five-pack is available for $199.99 at Best Buy while the Black Friday sale lasts. You can purchase this pack either online, or at your local Best Buy location.

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