Conserve Over $180 On Acer's Freestyle Gaming Monitor For Black Friday

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Acer Nitro KG272U monitor

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If you've been waiting a long time to upgrade your dusty, old monitor and replace it with a shiny, brand-new gaming monitor with (almost) all the bells and whistles — and at a ridiculously low price — there is no better time to do it than during Black Friday eve. For this Black Friday, this Best Buy deal can net you Acer's critically acclaimed 27-inch gaming monitor — the Acer Nitro KG272U — at nearly 50% off its regular price.

This feature-packed, high-resolution gaming monitor is part of Acer's Nitro lineup, and has earned positive reviews thanks to its sheer value-for-money proposition. As opposed to its regular price of $349.99, you can now get the KG272U for as low as $169.99 on Best Buy. As far as gaming monitor deals go, things do not get much better than this one.

Now, keep in mind that this is still a mid-range gaming monitor that is going at an incredibly low price. It may not have super high-end specs, but what you get for the value is very solid, especially with this deal. That said, it would also be wise to read our monitor buying guide before you take the plunge.

Acer Nitro KG272U: For the budget gamer

Acer Nitro KG272U monitor from the sides

The spec sheet of the Acer Nitro KG272U reads exactly what you expect from it. It uses a VA panel — which is excellent for gamers — and offers excellent color reproduction, better contrast, and darker blacks compared to IPS panels. This 1440p monitor (2560x1440 pixels) supports refresh rates of up to 170Hz, has a 1ms response time, and offers a modest peak brightness level of 250 nits. 

While this is not class-leading by any stretch of the imagination, it is not too bad for the price it retails. And lest we forget, it even comes with an anti-glare coating. Notable feature inclusions are support for AMD FreeSync, HDR10, and plenty of input options, including two HDMI ports and a single DisplayPort. Gamers on a shoestring budget may also be happy to know that this monitor comes with speakers, so you have something to work with until you save enough to buy new speakers or some headphones.

You can get this Acer Nitro KG272U monitor for as low as $169.99 at Best Buy, and we think it's an easy recommendation at that price. Make sure you grab hold of one of these before this deal comes to an end.

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