Counterfeit USB-C MagSafe Battery Packs Already in Production Ahead of iPhone 15 Pro Unveiling

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Apple is set up to host its Wonderlust occasion, which will lastly be the phase for the iPhone 15 statement after a year of buzz and speculation. While the flagship gadgets have actually not been revealed yet, fake devices with USB-C are currently in production that look comparable to Apple’s. Pictures of the MagSafe Battery Pack with USB-C have actually appeared online, possibly to make the most of the early sales ahead of Apple’s offering.

Counterfeit MagSafe Battery Pack with USB-C leakages to demonstrate how Apple might provide the brand-new port on its devices

Among the most substantial modifications concerning the iPhone 15 lineup this year is the brand-new USB-C port. Apple will be moving far from the Lightning port after practically a years and it might improve the gadget’s abilities. We have actually formerly heard that the brand-new USB-C port will have the ability to provide quicker charging and information transfer speeds. The business will likewise upgrade its devices for the iPhone 15 designs with a USB-C port and among the most popular in the list is the brand-new MagSafe Battery Pack.

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As you can see in the tweet ingrained listed below, the MagSafe Battery Pack functions the exact same style as the present variation however changes the Lightning port with a USB-C port. While Apple might carry out small style modifications, the primary style will be quite comparable to the fake devices. Apple might likewise increase the battery capability of the device. At this moment, we are uninformed of when the brand-new devices with USB-C will be offered. It might be revealed tomorrow as well after Apple is done with all the significant statements.

Analyst Mark Gurman has actually formerly mentioned that Apple will upgrade its whole devices with the brand-new USB-C port that includes the MagSafe Duo for the iPhone and Apple Watch. It is not yet clear if the brand-new devices will see daytime later on today at Apple’s Wonderlust occasion. Gurman likewise specifies that Apple is establishing brand-new devices that include the brand-new MagSafe Battery Pack.

Aside from this, we do understand that Apple is preparing to accept USB-C as the brand-new requirement for its gadgets. We have actually formerly heard that Apple will release a brand-new variation of the AirPods Pro today which will include a USB-C charging case. Considering that the last information rest with Apple, make certain to take the news with a grain of salt. Apple’s Wonderlust occasion is occurring in just a couple of hours and we will be covering it in substantial information.

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