Countless flight cancellations are destroying vacation itinerary

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If you were preparing to fly somewhere to celebrate the holidays this weekend, you may have to make new plans. According to FlightAware (by means of CNN), there have actually already been more than 3,900 flight cancellations within, out of, or into the US on Friday.

Flight cancellations are messing up the vacation

To put these numbers into perspective, FlightAware programs that 2,687 flights were canceled on Thursday. By the time I end up composing this short article, the number of cancellations on Friday will likely top 4,000, and it's just after midday on the East Coast.

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Currently, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has actually reported the highest number of cancellations at 224, followed by Chicago O'Hare International at 197 and New York's LaGuardia at 191. Here is a regional newspaper article from Fox 13 Seattle about the cancellations:

CNN notes that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA )posted ground stops on Friday morning for flights heading to Charlotte and Washington, DC, due to deicing. Because of snow and ice, the very same was true for flights bound for Seattle and Portland. The FAA has alerted travelers to check flight status with their airlines prior to they head to the airport.

Anyone who has been tracking the weather condition in current days won't be shocked to see this level of chaos at airports around the nation. Several states are experiencing wind chills below absolutely no, with parts of Texas and Georgia dropping into single digits. Countless homes have lost power, and the roadway closures are increasing by the hour.

If you wish to keep track of the hold-ups and cancellations throughout the day, among the best tools on the web is the FlightAware MiseryMap. Needless to state, the level of suffering is specifically high today as countless Americans are seeing the storms rush their vacation strategies. It's little consolation today, however airline companies are issuing winter season weather waivers that will allow guests to rebook their flights for free at a later date.

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